Are we eating too much (or not enough) protein for good health?

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These days, we hear a lot about carbs versus fats. But what about protein? It’s become the forgotten macronutrient. But protein plays an essential role in good health. So despite the emotional response it elicits in many, it’s about time we pay it more attention. Protein is responsible for the growth and maintenance of new tissue (the building blocks for a strong body) and makes up certain hormones that act as messengers, as well as the enzymes that we need for metabolic reactions. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I talk with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon about the importance of protein and shifting our dietary focus. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an integrative physician who completed her fellowship in Nutritional Sciences and Geriatrics at Washington University, St. Louis. She is board-certified in Family Medicine and completed her undergraduate work in Human Nutrition Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism. Dr. Lyon works closely with current and retired Special Operations military operators as a part of the Task Force Dagger Foundation. We discuss all this and so much more on this week’s episode. I hope you’ll tune in to understand what this underappreciated macronutrient can do for you.

Topics Covered

  • Why we should think about muscle when it comes to overall health and aging


  • What is protein


  • anyway?


  • Is all protein created equal?


  • The media push around reducing meat consumption and its environmental impacts


  • Should we be increasing our plant protein consumption?


  • The difference between plant protein and animal protein


  • What the science says about eating meat and its risk on developing disease


  • The importance of optimal protein and muscle mass for aging


  • Our food system and its effect on climate


  • The PROT-AGE paper, evidence-based recommendations for optimal dietary protein intake in older people


  • Dr. Lyon’s work with


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Ep. 61 - Are we eating too much (or not enough) protein for good health?