How Chefs Can Be Doctors, and Doctors Can Be Chefs

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Many of us are in the middle of an identity crisis when it comes to what we eat.

We’re pulled one way or another about macronutrients and labels, all the while missing the most important concept of all: food is medicine.

We can align our foods to feed our health and get incredible flavor and variety all at once. We can cook our way out of illness and overcome the fear and overwhelm of dietary choices by getting more personal with our kitchens.

There’s no one better than the world-renowned Chef David Bouley to dive into this topic with— he’s this week’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy.

Among many accolades, Bouley earned several four-star reviews in The New York Times; seven James Beard Foundation awards for best restaurant and best chef; he was named “Best Chef in America” by Herald-Tribune; he received the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards “The Best Restaurant in the United States” and #14 in the world; a 29 out of 30 rating in Zagat, and ranked #1 in New York City for many years.

Chef Bouley is known as one of the most health-conscious chefs in the world, with a strong focus for diners with health concerns. He is currently contracted for a new book, Living Pantry, that will provide the building blocks for home cooking to deliver great taste and health benefits with easy execution.

I’ve got to tell you, after eating 14 courses made by Chef Bouley and walking away feeling better than when I started, I’m a true believer in his ability to use food as medicine. Keeping flavor and health benefits on the same parallel, he feeds the body, mind, and soul with each well-planned bite.

I hope you’ll join us for this inspiring episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy with Chef David Bouley.

Topics Covered

  • How Chef Bouley began his career


  • Chef David Bouley’s documentary, “The Magic of a Dish: Great journey of training in Japan“


  • Why Chef Bouley closed his world-renowned restaurant, went on sabbatical, and created Bouley at Home


  • Cooking with kouzu and konjac, Japanese plants that stabilize blood sugar


  • The healing properties of sea urchin and salmon heads


  • How chefs can impact health through flavor


  • Chef Bouley’s forthcoming book Living Pantry


  • The power of fermented foods


  • Why people who travel a lot should eat coriander


  • Diet lessons learned from Japanese centennials


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Ep. 62 - How Chefs Can Be Doctors, and Doctors Can Be Chefs