The Power Of Finding A Purpose Bigger Than Yourself

Episode 637 1h 15m


Have you ever wondered what makes some people extraordinary? Is it something special some people just have at birth? Or are we all born the same only to evolve into greater things? I’m learning that no matter what age or phase of life we are in, we have the ability to make choices that change our lives and the lives of others for the better. Finding a purpose greater than ourselves is a catalyst for that change. Today’s conversation with Lynne Twist is an inspiring one. We take a deep dive into creating a life of meaning and commitment, what that means for our identity, and the ripple effect it has throughout the world. We kick off the episode with Lynne’s history, going from a life of elaborate dinner parties and expensive wine to bathing orphaned babies in India and befriending Mother Teresa. Her journey to becoming an activist and philanthropist opens up a greater conversation of the power we have to help others when we stop making ourselves number one. Altruism doesn’t just impact the people we help, it has a biological impact that we benefit from as well. Lynne and I discuss the far-reaching effects of serving others, why that doesn't mean we have to fully sacrifice ourselves, and how to find your own calling. We also hear about the wisdom she has gained from Indigenous people around the world and so much more. This episode is brought to you by Cozy Earth, InsideTracker, and Essentia. Cozy Earth makes the most comfortable, temperature-regulating, and nontoxic sheets on the market. Right now, get 40% off your Cozy Earth sheets. Just head over to and use code MARK40. InsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform like no other. Right now they’re offering my community $200 off their Ultimate Plan, or 34% off any other plan, at until the end of the month. Right now you can get an extra $100 off your mattress purchase, on top of Essentia’s Black Friday sale, which will also take 25% off, plus receive two FREE organic pillows (a $330 value), when you visit

Topics Covered

  • Having a purpose larger than ourselves


  • How Lynne’s father’s death informed her inner life


  • Lynne’s journey to becoming an activist and philanthropist


  • Lynne’s work and learning about money and wealth from Mother Teresa


  • The biology of altruism


  • What makes ordinary people extraordinary?


  • Learning from indigenous people


  • Why living a committed life is crucial to our human future


  • Why we can’t sacrifice ourselves for others


  • How to find your calling


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Ep. 637 - The Power Of Finding A Purpose Bigger Than Yourself