Can Psychedelic Medicine Fix Our Mental Health Crisis?

Episode 661 1h 35m


We’re in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance. Compounds that have long been considered recreational drugs by conventional standards are finally being recognized through science as powerful tools for overcoming hard-to-treat health issues, like PTSD, depression, addiction, and more.Mental health problems are the number one driver of indirect healthcare costs, loss of productivity, and diminished quality of life. Yet, we aren’t very successful at treating them with modern medicine. This is a pivotal moment for turning the treatment of mental health around as we explore psychedelic medicine.

Today, I’m excited to talk to a leading expert and advocate in the field of psychedelic medicine, Rick Doblin. We kick off our conversation with a bit of Rick’s background, learning how he became so passionate about psychedelic research and the interesting turns his education took along with his family’s support. Rick explains how different types of psychedelics work in the brain to address different issues, as well as what he’s learned along the way about safety, efficacy, and the concept of “set and setting.”

We also talk about the future of drug policy reform and reframing the public perception of psychedelics to make them more scalable and accessible in a safe and responsible way. For more than three decades, Rick has devoted his life to studying the powerful positive effects psychedelics can have on things like trauma and mental health.


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Topics Covered

  • Rick’s early life and introduction to psychedelics


  • The history of psychedelic research and the psychedelic renaissance


  • Is psychedelic-assisted therapy practical and scalable?


  • Group and couples psychedelic-assisted therapy


  • The economics of providing psychedelic-assisted therapy


  • Drug policy reform


  • How psychedelics affect the brain


  • Reframing the public perception of psychedelics


  • Moving toward a world of net-zero trauma


  • The future of drug policy reform


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Rick Doblin:
There are tools that have been around that our culture has really not figured out a way to incorporate them. That time of suppression is coming to an end. The need for these tools is apparent to more and more people.

Dr. Mark Hyman:
Welcome to The Doctors Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman, that's farmacy with an F, a place for conversations that matter. And if you've known anyone or yourself have suffered from depression, PTSD, or a myriad of psychiatric illnesses and have tried everything and nothing works, this might be the most important conversation of your life, because it's with someone who has been focused on studying how to deal with..

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Ep. 661 - Can Psychedelic Medicine Fix Our Mental Health Crisis?