Can Ozempic Fix Our Obesity Crisis?

Episode 832 50m


Ozempic and other GLP-1 agonists like Wegovy have exploded as “miracle weight loss drugs.” But as the research unfolds, we’re quickly discovering that these drugs are not risk free and come with some very concerning side effects.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I dive deep into the complexities of Ozempic. From nationwide shortages, high costs, the lack of insurance coverage, and severe, somewhat common, side effects, I explore the hurdles of Ozempic and question if it's truly a sustainable solution to our growing obesity crisis.


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Topics Covered

  • Current and potential uses for Ozempic and GLP-1


  • Common side effects from Ozempic


  • Understanding the obesity and chronic disease crisis


  • Long-term risks associated with Ozempic


  • Combatting the idea that obesity is genetic


  • Can you be healthy at any size?


  • How traditional medicine misses the mark in addressing obesity


  • Clinical research findings of Ozempic use


  • Addressing the root cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes


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Dr. Mark Hyman: Coming up on this week's episode of the Doctor's Pharmacy, these drugs can cause permanent damage as I mentioned, bowel obstruction, gastroparesis, pancreatitis, loss of appetite. The side effects are not trivial. They occur in half of all the people in these studies, and severe side effects occur in 10%. Welcome to Doctor's Pharmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman, that's pharmacist with Alpha Place for conversations that matter. And today we're going to talk about what are our biggest crises, obesity and how to handle it, and it's part of our new health series called Health Bites. Little Bites of Information Improve Your Health that will help you take small steps over time to improve the quality of your life. Now, let's get into it. 93% of Americans..

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Ep. 832 - Can Ozempic Fix Our Obesity Crisis?