How You've Been Lied To About Calories, Dieting, Exercise & Losing Weight

Episode 871 1h 47m


There are several different schools of thought behind obesity and metabolic dysfunction, for example, the energy balance model or “calories-in, calories-out” perspective that many people have felt fooled by. While calories certainly are one piece, there is much more to the puzzle of weight management and metabolic health, like hormonal cascades and oxidative stress.

How we eat impacts every aspect of our biology and we’re continuing to learn the multitude of mechanisms influencing our metabolic health and weight. This rich conversation with Dr. Robert Lustig is a helpful window into all this and more.


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Topics Covered

  • Is a calorie really just a calorie?


  • The surprising truth: All models of energy intake are a little right and a little wrong


  • Proven methods for reducing insulin to support weight loss


  • What are obesogens and how are they hijacking our metabolic health?


  • Understanding our cellular energy metabolism pathways


  • Reactive oxygen species and aging (and how to reduce them)


  • Why glucose and insulin monitoring are powerful levers for metabolic health


  • Summing up the facts and our beliefs around calories and weight


  • The cellular impact of oxidative stress and chronic stress


  • How our intestines protect the rest of the body


  • 1:02:20 - Monch Monch: A new fiber solution for absorbing simple sugars and preventing glucose spikes as well as increasing satiety and boosting microbial diversity


  • Food addiction in adults and children and addressing the root cause


  • Changing food policy and how Dr. Lustig’s Eat Real non-profit creates change


  • What actions can we take based on scientific advances to make our lives better?


  • Why any food that feeds the gut, protects the liver, and supports the brain is a healthy food


  • How we need to change the US food industry to serve our health rather than rob it and examples of what’s working around the world


  • Perfact and how to use it to understand what is metabolically healthy at your exact grocery store


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Dr. Robert Lustig: Most everybody has this insulin resistance problem that is called metabolic syndrome, but insulin's the bad guy. No matter how you look at it. There is no weight gain without insulin. You got to get the insulin down. Bottom line is anything that gets the insulin down ultimately leads to weight loss.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome back to the doctor's Farmacy. Robert, it's so good to have you back.

Dr. Robert Lustig: Oh, listen, you and I are like thelman Louise. Yeah.

Dr. Mark Hyman: Are we going to drive off the cliff in a convertible? We're going

Dr. Robert Lustig: To do our

Dr. Mark Hyman:Best. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to get to the truth, but I think we met first..

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Ep. 871 - How You've Been Lied To About Calories, Dieting, Exercise & Losing Weight