Why the Last Thing that Should Ever Eat is Ultra Processed Foods: It Kills 11 Million People a Year

Episode 882 48m


In the health space, we hear the term ultra-processed foods thrown around often for its clear link to chronic diseases such as depression, Alzheimer’s, and diabesity. But what exactly does “ultra-processed” mean? How can you tell if a food is ultra-processed? In today’s Health Bites episode, we will learn exactly what ultra-processed foods are, how to identify them, their impact on human health, and the global economy. We’ll also discuss tips and tricks for how to read food labels to better navigate the grocery store, and the innovations happening in Washington to develop label laws that helps protect the consumer.


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Topics Covered

  • Definition, examples, and deceptive health claims of ultra-processed food


  • Health risks and impacts of ultra-processed food


  • Case study: impact of an ultra-processed diet on twin girls


  • History and rise of processed food


  • Difference between ultra-processed and minimally processed foods


  • Impact of food packaging and additives on health


  • Economic and societal consequences of chronic diseases caused by poor diet


  • Identifying ultra-processed foods and understanding food labeling


  • Avoiding ultra-processed foods and using food scoring systems


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Dr. Mark Hyman: Coming up on this episode of the doctor's Farmacy. Ultra processed food is the number one cause of death in the world today, period. This is not my opinion. This is from the global burden of disease study of a 195 countries. The data is very clear. Too much of that crap and not enough real food. This is my friends. The new smoke ultra processed food are the new cigarettes, and we're gonna talk about why. Hey, everyone. It's Doctor Mark. As functional medicine practitioners, we need to get to the heart of root causes. Behind our patient's health concerns. And let's face it. Ordering labs to get the data. It can be an an administrative nightmare.
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Ep. 882 - Why the Last Thing that Should Ever Eat is Ultra Processed Foods: It Kills 11 Million People a Year