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Highly absorbable magnesium, essential for cardiac and neuromuscular function, acid-alkaline balance, metabolism of carbs, proteins and fat, energy production and the utilization of many other important nutrients. This form is less likely to cause loose stools than other forms.

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How to use

1-4 capsules daily. Consume with food or as directed by your health care practitioner

  • Supports the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids and fats for energy production‡
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function‡
  • Provides support for cognitive and neuromuscular function‡
  • Helps with calcium metabolism and bone mineralization‡
  • Available in a variety of highly bioavailable, chelated forms including aspartate, citrate, citrate/malate and glycinate
  • Convenient capsule, powder and liquid delivery systems
  • Made with high-quality vegan ingredients backed by verifiable science

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