Longevity and Biohacking Stack

Longevity and Biohacking Stack
Elevate your wellness journey with this meticulously curated collection of 11 premium supplement bottles. Each bottle contains cutting-edge formulations designed to optimize your health, vitality, and cognitive function, allowing you to unlock your full potential and embrace life with renewed vigor. 

Stack includes

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Longevity and Biohacking Stack Details

  • Magnesium Glycinate: Essential for cardiac and neuromuscular function, acid-alkaline balance, metabolism of carbs, proteins and fat, energy production and the utilization of many other important nutrients. 
  • Vitamin D Supreme: Anti-inflammatory that is critical for optimal immune function, and this cannot be achieved without supplementation (especially during the winter months).
  • Multi t/d: Helps support ocular, nervous system and cardiovascular health, cellular health and supports immune system.
  • Wonderfeel Youngr NMN: Patented defense against biological aging with primary benefit is to enhance overall energy levels.
  • HTB Rejuvenate: Supplies phytonutrients (found in fruits), health-promoting effects on immunity, metabolism, and cellular rejuvenation, and has a wide range of benefits including decreasing viral growth.
  • Omega-3 Rejuvenate: Support for Immunity, Immune Response, Immune Rejuvenation, Skin Health, Eye Health.
  • Senolytic Synergy: Enhances overall cellular health and supports tissue regeneration.
  • Gut Food: Supports gut with a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, polyphenols.
  • Renual: Helps to power muscle function, increase cellular energy and promote healthy aging.
  • CoQnol 200: Supports healthy cardiovascular function while promoting healthy aging and energy production. Supports bone, liver, eye, and skin health
  • Turiva: Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. It also enhances brain recovery after injury and may have direct anti-viral activity.