Foundational Nutritional Support Stack

Foundational Nutritional Support Stack

A comprehensive selection of supplements designed to provide essential support for overall well-being. This meticulously curated blend is formulated to address key nutritional needs, ensuring a solid foundation for optimal health. With a focus on delivering vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, this stack is your go-to solution for maintaining vitality and supporting your body's natural functions. 

Stack includes

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Foundational Nutritional Support Stack Details

  • Magnesium Glycinate: Essential for cardiac and neuromuscular function, acid-alkaline balance, metabolism of carbs, proteins and fat, energy production and the utilization of many other important nutrients. 
  • Vitamin D Supreme: Anti-inflammatory that is critical for optimal immune function, and this cannot be achieved without supplementation (especially during the winter months).
  • Multi t/d: Helps support ocular, nervous system and cardiovascular health, cellular health and supports immune system.
  • Omega-3 Rejuvenate: Support for heart & cardiovascular health.
  • Seed: Probiotics stimulate intestinal immune cells and commensal microflora to modulate specific immune functions and immune homeostasis.