Long Covid: Mitochondrial Health Stack

Long Covid: Mitochondrial Health Stack

Promote your recovery from Long Covid with a focused selection of supplements aimed at supporting mitochondrial health. By nurturing the energy powerhouses of your cells, this specialized blend aids in restoring vitality and resilience. With a targeted approach to mitochondrial support, this regimen is designed to optimize your body's ability to recover and thrive in the aftermath of Long Covid.

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Long Covid: Mitochondrial Health Stack Details

  • Homocysteine Supreme: Methylated B vitamins.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: One of the key nutrients for proper mitochondrial function and is notable for its role in fatty acid oxidation.
  • Renual: Urolithin A, CoQ10, trans-resveratrol.
  • CoQnol 200: Beneficial for reversing Covid-related fatigue.