How to Fix Your Busted Metabolism

Episode 896


One of the many reasons I was drawn to Functional Medicine is that it’s the medicine of asking “why?” and looking beyond the status quo to reimagine health. When we use this practice to assess the metabolic diseases we see today, we can see we’re in an energy crisis. We’re wrapped up in a web of physiologic root causes, but also a web of policies, industries, and economic incentives impacting our health from the ground up. I loved discussing all this and more on this episode of the podcast with Dr. Casey Means.

I hope you’ll tune in to learn how to dramatically improve your metabolic health and support foundational societal shifts, all at once.


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Topics Covered

  • Why we need to reimagine the healthcare system and how to use Functional Medicine as a framework for asking “why?”


  • Metabolic health as a barometer for our challenges as a society


  • How did we get to a place where 93% of US adults have metabolic dysfunction?


  • Disconnection as the root cause of our metabolic health crisis


  • A stark reality: Every institution related to our health makes money off of sickness


  • Start creating good energy to drive your life force


  • Using advanced tools and technology with our own awareness to take back control of our health


  • Five affordable biomarkers of metabolic syndrome to start with


  • The pharmaceutical and food industries monopoly on advertising


  • The need for policy changes to promote healthy food


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Dr. Mark Hyman:
Coming up on this episode of the doctor's farmacy.

Dr. Casey Means:
So you need to load the body with the highest quality food possible unprocessed from good soil because you are gonna increase the probability that those little cells are gonna have the right thing floating around them to do what you wanna do, which is be healthy and not be sick.

Dr. Mark Hyman:
Before we get into today's episode, I'd like to take a minute to remind you some exciting news My new cookbook, the Young Forever Cook Bookbook will be released on Tuesday, June 4th, nationwide. In my new cookbook, the cooking companion to my book, Young Forever, you'll find over 100 mouth watering anti inflammatory recipes..

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Ep. 896 - How to Fix Your Busted Metabolism