Secrets of an Anti-Aging Expert

Secrets of an Anti-Aging Expert

We’ve all been there: The sun is down, we’re tired from a long day, and we haven’t even had dinner yet. Or maybe you have, but a nighttime craving hits and instead of just retiring to bed, you reach for a snack—often one that is high in sugar or a slew of other unhealthy ingredients because your body is looking for some quick energy.

Emerging research is showing how this pattern of eating later in the day, after the sun has set, sabotages our healthy eating efforts during the morning and afternoon.

This week’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy is here to tell us what we can do to better support our weight and longevity when it comes to our eating timeline. Dr. Michael Roizen is an old friend and colleague of mine from the Cleveland Clinic, who is anything but old himself. His energetic approach to the science of anti-aging is enough to inspire anyone to make positive changes in their health.

Studies have shown a strong correlation between metabolism and circadian rhythm. When comparing participants who ate 2,000 calories during the day with those who ate the same calories at night, the ones who ate later gained weight and stored it as fat. This is a small glimpse into the valuable information Dr. Roizen shares throughout our talk, along with many helpful tips on how to successfully incorporate time-restricted eating and intermittent fasting into your own schedule. And for those of you interested in the ketogenic diet, you’ll learn how to stay in ketosis and achieve better results using Dr. Mike’s timetable.

We also talk about insulin resistance and its link to the sun, why we should stop stereotyping foods and embrace new options at breakfast, and Dr. Roizen’s top rules for health at any age. I know you’ll enjoy this fascinating episode on managing weight and achieving optimal aging.

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