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Being Thankful, Being Giving

AS WE ALL SETTLE INTO THE WARMTH OF OUR FAMILIES and communities over Thanksgiving, my heart, my thoughts and my prayers take me back to Haiti which as I write this blog, is in a state of turmoil, suffering, and chaos that is not much better than after the earthquake. Since the first moments I, […]

Google Conference: UltraMind, Healthy Body, Powerful Mind

TO DOWNLOAD Dr. Hyman’s slide presentation from Google on November 9th please join the UltraWellness Community.

The Secret Way Italians Stay Healthy and Thin

LET FOOD BE THY medicine and medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates Want to know the secret behind how Italians stay so thin and happy?  It’s a secret I uncovered during my trip to Italy, where I wrote this blog.  Sitting in the Umbrian countryside, enjoying a home-cooked meal prepared by Simonetta, a local chef, the […]

How to Get “Unstuck” from Depression

HOW MANY OF YOU are stuck? Do you feel stuck in depression, sadness, or anxiety? Or are you just a little confused, overburdened, or unhappy? Maybe you are one of the 25 percent of Americans who experience a major depression in their lifetime.  Or maybe you are taking one of the 189 million prescriptions written […]

The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind

ARE YOU ONE OF the 100 million, or one-in-three, Americans struggling through life with a “broken brain?” It doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’m going to share with you the key to good mental and emotional health — to an “UltraMind” … one that’s calm, confident, and happy. But first, ask yourself these […]

How to Fix Obama’s Health Plan Before it’s Too Late

THE CHINESE WORD FOR crisis is comprised of two separate words, “danger” and “opportunity” — and this describes the exact situation we face with the healthcare crisis in our country. As a nation we are at the precipice of change for our healthcare system. But if we make the wrong choices and simply provide universal […]

Mind Control: How Your Body Can Automatically Improve Depression

CAN YOUR BODY AFFECT  your mind? By making different food and lifestyle choices, can you rid yourself of depression, boost your mood or even improve more serious conditions such as ADHD, autism and more? In my experience, the answer is YES and I’ll show you precisely how in just a second. But first, let me […]

Obama’s Health Plan: What Matters the Most is Missing

WANT TO KNOW THE real truth about healthcare in this country? Even if President Obama and Congress get everything else right in healthcare reform, it won’t matter … that is, unless we address the underlying causes of illness that drive both skyrocketing healthcare costs and the proliferation of chronic disease. But we can’t get there […]

Dr. Hyman’s Haiti Journal – Day 1: Beyond Horror

PLEASE NOTE: THIS blog is a reprint of an article that appeared on Huffington Post. This isolated, serene Caribbean island floated in a calm sea dusted by soft white clouds. We circled patiently, waiting to land for hours at 25,000 feet, watching the sunset across the wing of the Gulfstream jet carrying two orthopedic surgeons, […]

Dr. Hyman’s Haiti Journal – Day 4: Hacksaws and Vodka

PLEASE NOTE: THIS blog is a reprint of an article that appeared on Huffington Post. The country has one doctor for 11,000 people. Electricity and running water are available in Port-au-Prince for two hours — on a good day. The chief surgeon at the General Hospital (the largest public national hospital) told me that patients […]

Dr. Hyman’s Haiti Journal – Day 5: Shaken Again

PLEASE NOTE: THIS blog is a reprint of an article that appeared on Huffington Post. Days 4 & 5 I slept through the aftershock this morning, a small 6.1 earthquake that has had no real impact because everything that could be destroyed was already destroyed. But the aftershocks that will ripple through the lives of […]

Dr. Hyman’s Haiti Journal – Day 6: Catastrophe to Chaos

PLEASE NOTE: THIS blog is a reprint of an article that appeared on Huffington Post. It is nine days after the quake, and last night three gaunt Haitian medical students, their school destroyed, came up to me in the dark as I walked past the nursing school with 150 nurses still buried in the rubble, […]