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The Broken Brain Podcast – Everything You Need to Know About Your Gut with Dr. Vincent Pedre, #16

The Broken Brain Podcast – Everything You Need to Know About Your Gut with Dr. Vincent Pedre, #16




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When you are stressed, did you know that your gut bacteria can change? Did you know that if you suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury, even something as common as a concussion, within 30 minutes gut permeability increases? There are so many things that impact our gut that then can set off a cascade of events in our bodies. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, IBS, or one of any number of conditions, you may want to turn to your gut first. It is called the second brain—for good reason—the gut can send signals and chemicals to change the health of your brain.

Dr. Vincent Pedre, gut guru and author of Happy Gut, talks with our Broken Brain Podcast host Dhru Purohit this week on the topic of gut health. They cover a wide range of fascinating topics from the simplest questions such as “Why is it called the gut?” to more complex topics like the role of butyrate in the gut to create new neural connections in the brain.

Dr. Pedre talks about how the gut and the brain are connected, the gut’s role in detoxification, how colon hydrotherapy works, and so much more!

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Gut health 101 (3:11)
  • Why do we call it the “gut”? (9:08)
  • How Dr. Pedre healed himself of IBS (11:28)
  • Then vs. now – new treatment protocols (17:41)
  • How are the gut and the brain connected? (24:06)
  • Detox through the gut (30:54)
  • Colon hydrotherapy – is it a good idea? (33:43)
  • Yoga and its stress-relieving benefits (36:49)
  • Dr. Pedre’s personal tips on keeping his gut healthy (39:47)
  • Bacteria: increasing and building diversity (44:11)
  • New and important gut information (49:24)
  • What is the Gut C.A.R.E. Program? (57:47)
  • Finding Dr. Pedre online (1:01:29)

I know you’ll love all the educational information from this episode of The Broken Brain Podcast as much as I did.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Mark Hyman, MD

PS – If you would like to learn more about Dr. Pedre’s work, please visit him at Happy Gut Life and sign up for his newsletter. You can also read his latest book called Happy Gut.

PPS – Now you can find all the episodes of The Broken Brain Podcast in one place! Check out our new web page.

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