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What’s the Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s?

New research shows insulin resistance, or what I call diabesity (from eating too many carbs and sugar and not enough fat), is one of the major factors that starts the brain-damage cascade, which robs the memory of over half the people in their 80s, leading to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. But don’t think too […]

Diabetes, Fat, and Sugar: Busting All The Myths with Dr. Carrie Diulus

Register for the Fat Summit 2 Free When we decided to put together another Fat Summit, I knew that I wanted my friend Dr. Carrie Diulus to co-host with me. I’ve only known her for a year, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. Dr. Diulus is the medical director of an amazing center […]

Alzheimer’s = Type 3 Diabetes

“My parents are getting older and I want to do everything I can to help them prevent Alzheimer’s, considering both my grandmothers had this disease, and I am worried about getting it too.” writes this week’s house call. “What can we do to prevent dementia?” The truth is, dementia is a very big problem that’s […]

Why You Should Ditch Artificial Sweeteners

“I know you’re not big on sugar and frequently tell people to cut down on it,” writes this week’s House Call. “But what about artificial sweeteners? Can I use those instead?” Sadly, the answer is emphatically no. Human, animal, experimental, and other studies show artificial sweeteners can be just as bad and maybe even worse […]

Diabetes Runs in My Family. Does that Mean I’ll Get it?

“My mom has Type 2 diabetes, and it also runs in my dad’s side of the family,” a patient will occasionally tell me. “Does that mean I’m doomed?” This is a relevant concern, especially considering over a 25-year period (1983 to 2008), the number of people in the world with diabetes increased nearly sevenfold, from […]

The Weight of the World: Global Approaches To Tackle Obesity

There are now 2.1 billion people who are overweight in the world. China and India are number one and two in the world in sheer number of type 2 diabetics. In the Middle East, rates of type 2 diabetes are reaching 40 percent of the population. The World Economic Forum estimates we will spend $47 […]

Skinny Fat People: Why Being Skinny Doesn’t Protect Us Against Diabetes and Death

In a shocking new study published online in Pediatrics this week, researchers found that from 2000 to 2008, the number of teenagers aged 12 to 19 with pre-diabetes or diabetes increased from 9% to 23%. Yikes, one in four kids have either pre-diabetes or diabetes – what I like to call diabesity. How did this […]

Sugar Babies: How to Stop the Genocide of Our Children

Never before in human history have we seen “adult onset” or type 2 diabetes in children.  There has been an over 1,000% increase in type 2 diabetes in children over the last two decades(1). Fifteen years ago 3% of new cases of diabetes in children were type 2 diabetes.  Now it is 50%(2).   Forty percent […]

Can Social Networks Cure Disease? Part I

Last week I gave a talk at TEDMED on how social networks may be an unexpected solution to our heath care crisis. Here’s how my talk went….. I want to tell you a story of how a skinny Haitian chicken and a bowl of beet and cabbage soup turned my world upside down and helped […]

Why the New Surgical Cure for Diabetes Will Fail!

Two seemingly groundbreaking studies, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine found that type 2 diabetes, or “diabesity”, could be cured with gastric bypass surgery.  The flurry of media attention and medical commentary hail this as a great advance in the fight against diabetes.  The cure was finally discovered for what was […]

Pharmageddon: Can a New Weight Loss Drug Really Save Us?

This week, in an act of desperation to turn back the tide of the obesity epidemic that now affects almost seven out of every ten Americans and over 80% of some populations (African American women), the advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted 20 to 2 to recommend approval of Qnexa, a […]

Dr Mark Hyman, MD on Charlie Rose

Mark Hyman M.D. on “The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!”