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The Beginning

I didn’t take time, to notice how horribly unhealthy my entire family was. I was in denial. It was heart breaking and eye opening, to hear that my children had illness that usually onsets as adults. I was shocked and so sad, to hear how high my inflammation was much less my children’s numbers. Yes, when I started this process, I knew that I needed to save us and that we were literally drowning in fat.

The truth tube was a shocker. When I got to a quiet place, I cried. I cried both tears of joy and sorrow at the same time. I was sad to hear how unhealthy we were. I was happy because for the first time in my life, not only I, but, we would be able to do this as a family and not fail. We could save each other as a family. I cried at what a blessing this was, that we were chosen to have this opportunity. We had a new path, a new journey to take. A journey of health and wellness, that will go on for generations.

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