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Concert Conquered!

Last weekend, I visited a local theme park for a Christian concert with some friends. I was so nervous. It wasn't the rides or the people that I was nervous about – it was the food. How was I going to survive an overnight stay and a whole day at a theme park? There won't be anything healthy for me to eat! I couldn't possibly eat french fries and pizza!

I had to make a plan; that's the only way I can possibly get through this. I decided I needed to bring healthy snacks; lots and lots of snacks. I called guest services at the theme park and asked about restrictions and rules on bringing food in the park to make sure my healthy options wouldn’t be confiscated (I’ve seen that happen before).

For breakfast, I packed my small blender. In a cooler, I packed berries and the essentials for a smoothie. I may have woken up my hotel neighbors at 6am but hey, it was worth it!

I packed plenty of snacks - almonds, cashews, vegetables, boiled eggs, etc. I drank only water; using the same water bottle over and over since theme park bottled water was well over my budget. That's why they make water fountains right? :-)

For lunches and dinners, I ate at a restaurant in the park. Who figured they would offer healthy selections? I enjoyed simple meals of chicken, turkey, and vegetables!

One of my favorite rides was in the worst possible areas. Next to the giant donut stand. I swear I heard those donuts calling my name. My mouth watered for the pink, sugary icing and that dense fried donut. I felt I needed it. Kudos to my best friend, LeeAnn, for telling me I could overcome this. I was stronger than this. I kept telling myself I couldn't ruin the almost 15 pounds I lost so far just for a donut!

I was a counselor for the trip, so we had special priviledges including access to a leader lounge. The set up was very nice. Lots of tables and chairs to lounge around on; equipped with unhealthy foods and desserts. While the other counselors were in line, I took the liberty of grabbing a table next to the enormous fish tank and making myself comfortable. There was one problem: I accidently sat myself directly across from the dessert table. Brownies, cookies, and candy overflowed the small table. I told myself I couldn't lose control now. I had done so well. Again, LeeAnn came to the rescue and joined me in my effort by resisting a dessert with me!

This weekend I learned to use self control in tough situations. By coaching myself with encouraging words, I overcame obstacles I would have failed at just 2 weeks ago.

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