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Dealing with Emotions!

After reading about day 5's topic, Listen, I realized what I was experiencing was totally normal!

I felt sad and stressed. I picked apart everything about myself. I questioned my reasons behind doing the 10-day detox. I told myself, I just need one candy bar, because I had a long day.

Then, DING! A light bulb went off in my head! I needed to take a breath, a bath and a nap! I needed a mental awakening. I needed to get in touch with myself!

I started listening to my feelings, and letting them flow all around me, instead of masking them with food. I had done that for too long. Instead of emotionally eating when I was upset, I was going to work through the stress and sadness, and really figure out why, I was feeling that way. Why was I sad? Why was I stressed? What could I do to fix them?

The technique of learning to deal with raw emotions, instead of eating them, was an eye opening experience that I needed.

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