Dr. Hyman Reveals His 2-Week Gut-Check Plan

Dr. Hyman explains how you have to remove, replace and repair the foods in your diet to help heal chronic stomach issues. Part 2: Cathy Describes Her Constant Stomach Pain. Cathy shares how her schedule revolves around her constant stomach pain and explains why she needs help. See Cathy's Blog on Dr. Oz Part 3: How to Reintroduce Common Food Allergens Back Into Your Diet Dr. Hyman explains why if you suffer from stomach issues you should slowly add dairy, grain, soy, beans and eggs back into your diet after a week of elimination. Part 4: How to Repair a Leaky Gut With Food Dr. Hyman explains how omega-3 fatty fish, cabbage and coconut oil help heal inflammation in your gut. If you are like the almost 50 million people in America with IBS or other stomach conditions, join our 10-Day Detox Diet Challenge. Our Challenges have helped thousands of people lose weight and heal many chronic conditions, including IBS. In just 10 days, you can give your health a real reboot. Click here to register.
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