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Exclusive Offer for My Text Community!

Exclusive Offer for My Text Community!

Hi everyone,

I am doing a special offer for my text message community. I’m giving away two Ask Me Anything calls, where we’ll spend 45 minutes together and I’ll answer your top wellness questions

Here is how to take advantage of this offer:

Step 1: Pre-order my new book Food Fix before January 15th.

Step 2: Forward your receipt or order number to

Step 3: I will send you the date for the first call along with call information – if you can’t make that time, don’t worry, it will be recorded and sent to you.

Step 4: Prior to each Ask Me Anything call, I will send an email asking for your questions. I will use these questions during my two 45-minute Ask Me Anything calls.

Here’s a little more information on my new book Food Fix and why I wrote it:

It’s officially 2020, yet so many of the problems from 2019 have carried over to this new decade.

Everywhere we turn it feels like bad news, that the future is bleak—the climate is warming and oceans are rising, the economy is unstable, chronic diseases are skyrocketing. But I’m here to tell you the future is much brighter than you might think. There are more solutions than problems and more hope than despair. But it starts with you and me!

I wrote my newest book Food Fix to present realistic solutions to the most urgent issues of our time. In Food Fix I walk you through steps that take the overwhelm out of these large-scale problems. We can stop the spread of preventable illnesses, reduce the burden of medical debt, reverse climate change, create social justice, and save the environment. It all starts with fixing our food system. The best part is it also means taking care of your health on a whole new level and passing that down to future generations. And it’s not even hard!

But it is a team effort—I can’t do this alone.

Join the revolution. Pre-order Food Fix today.

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