Content Library Articles Exclusive: Read chapter 1 my next book, Food Fix!

Exclusive: Read chapter 1 my next book, Food Fix!

Did you know that… Forty-one million deaths a year are caused by chronic disease (mostly caused by diet), which is 71 percent of all deaths on the planet? That’s more than any war or virus! Did you know that... Due to industrial mono-crop farming, the United Nations estimates we have only 60 years of harvests left, making it impossible to grow food? No soil, no food, no humans! And did you know that… Our food system—end to end—from deforestation, soil erosion, factory farming of animals, food waste, processing, transportation, and refrigeration is the number one cause of climate change—far more than the energy sector? I’ll be honest… I knew that things were bad, but even I didn’t realize just how bad things were until I started digging into the facts. As a doctor, on the front lines of the chronic disease epidemic, I started asking myself, if the food system is the cause of this mess, then what is the cause of the food system and how do we fix it? Answering this question became the inspiration behind my new book Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet—One Bite at a Time. If you think fixing our broken food and healthcare system is one of the most important issues of our time, read the first chapter above and consider pre-ordering the book! My hope is that we, working together, can take back our health, the health of our communities, our land, animals, oceans, and economy using this prescription for a new food system. When you pre-order Food Fix you'll get access to exclusive bonuses including:
  • My Longevity Master Class, that teaches you how to live longer, better.
  • Special discount offers for clean living with some of my favorite brands, like Butcher Box, FreshPaper, Vital Choice, Imperfect Produce, and others. 10 Day Reset, Reclaim Your Health and Happiness.
  • My 10 Day Reset, to help you truly reset your health—you’ll learn how to eat ethically, nourish your body, and create optimal and lasting health, for you and the planet.

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