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Facing Challenges Head-On

Facing Challenges Head-On

Life is full of challenges.

Whether we’re struggling to get our health back on track, working through relationship troubles, or navigating an overwhelming project at work, challenges are part of the human experience.

When we overcome them, we’re stronger, wiser, and more confident about the future.

But how can we learn to accept a challenge as an opportunity, instead of a burden?

Acknowledging our emotional state and perspective in a tough situation can allow us to see the big picture and more thoughtfully plan the steps we need to overcome an obstacle. Like most things in life, it takes practice. By recognizing our inner dialogue and, for some of us, the patterns of running away from challenges, we can take out the overwhelm and understand the benefit of tackling an obstacle and why it’s worth our time and energy.

Facing challenges head on is a key commonality amongst successful people. These individuals look at failures as learning experiences that can be overcome with the right attitude and some effort, overcoming barriers in the process and reaching their goals.

My friend Miki Agrawal is a wonderful example of this. Her lively attitude, passion for her work, and desire to collaborate with and help others has made her both successful and fulfilled. If you missed it, she was on my podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy last week.

Miki is an entrepreneur who creates innovative products to disrupt industries and change perspectives. She has created businesses and helped underserved communities by looking at obstacles as puzzles and wholeheartedly finding a way to solve them.

Miki co-founded and led THINX, the high-tech, period-proof underwear brand, and founded TUSHY, a company revolutionizing the American bathroom and making bidets mainstream in the US. Miki is also founder of the gluten-free pizza chain WILD. She is the author of Do Cool Sh*t and just released her latest book, Disrupt-Her, to encourage women to question the status quo.

My conversation with Miki was inspiring. She shares her secrets for overcoming challenges like stigmas and cultural norms to pursue her dreams. One of my favorite tips that she offered was embracing the power of play. As adults, we still have a need for the pleasure and engagement of playful behavior, and we know there are real benefits from play, like increasing creativity and reducing stress. It’s not surprising that a playful mindset could help turn an obstacle into a game, helping to reduce the overwhelm and cultivate success.

I know you’ll love the other empowering topics Miki and I discuss on this recent episode. I hope you’ll tune in.

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