Food, Fat, and Infertility

One of my favorite moments from last year’s Fat Summit 2 was interviewing Dr. Stephanie Daniel about food, fat, sugar, and infertility.

Dr. Daniel is a practicing physician and founder of Functional Medicine SF, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Daniel’s particular areas of interest and expertise are in women’s health and fertility and she has developed a 5-step approach to natural conception that she utilizes in her practice. She is the author of a book, Low-Stress Food: Eat Your Way to a Low Stress Life and spends her non-clinic time consulting for health tech start-ups like Ava Science and Metabolon, mentoring physicians in the practice of Functional Medicine and collaborating on the advancement of functional medicine with EvoMed.

Last year, I interviewed Dr. Daniel about some very important subjects. In the clip from this interview, we discuss the following:

  • One out of seven couples are dealing with infertility
  • Five steps for dealing with infertility
  • The role of nutrition in fertility and the importance of eating nutrient dense food
  • The number one macronutrient for fertility
  • One of the leading causes of infertility
  • The importance of cholesterol

I really enjoyed this interview, and I hope you do too! For my full blog on dealing with infertility, click here.

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