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How Good is Your Gut-Brain-Fat Cell Communication?

Does your appetite control system work? Take the following quiz to find out. In the appropriate box, place a check for each positive answer. Then use the scoring key to identify which care plan you should use. There are four basic parts that include:
  1. The wiring of your nervous system.
  2. Weight control hormones.
  3. Command central messengers.
  4. Molecules of inflammation.
These components work together to communicate among all the organs and tissues responsible for managing your weight and keeping you alive. Create harmony among all the parts of your metabolism to control your appetite. You should take this quiz before you start the program and once again after you have completed The UltraMetabolism Solution. In both cases, total your quiz score and record it in the scoring record. After you have completed the program, note the improvement you have made in the scoring record as well. [quiz id=4]  
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