Is Your Meat Eating Candy?!

My friend Michael Pollan says, “You are what you eat eats.” A few weeks ago, I read an article about how farmers are feeding their livestock candy. Yes, you heard that right. Skittles, Gummy Bears and other junk foods are sold to farmers to provide cheap carbs for livestock. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to eat meat that’s been eating Skittles. Feeding livestock a diet that is unnatural to them is not only unethical, it also produces meat that is extremely unhealthy. This industrial meat is full of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, with more inflammatory omega-6 fats from corn and fewer anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats derived from a pastured diet. If you’ve read any of my work, you know that simple carbs like wheat, corn, candy and GMO foods like processed soy can be detrimental to our health. Controlled animal feeding operations use these exact foods to feed cows and chickens. They’re not good for you, and they’re not good for livestock, either. Cows and chickens prefer to graze on plants grown in pastures. When they are fed candy, corn or other grains, they suffer from acidosis and other gut issues, and need to be pumped full of antibiotics, vaccines and other medicines to fight infection, parasites and other diseases. These operations are no picnic for the animals either. Factory-farmed chickens are often kept in tiny, cramped cages and exposed to very little sunlight. On top of all of this, factory farms are destroying our environment. Mega-farms require a lot of natural resources and the waste produced from these farms pollutes local waterways, the air and the soil, all leading to health hazards for farming communities. Bottom Line: We have to stop eating factory-farmed meat and poultry. Grass-fed, pasture-raised meat is better for our environment and our health, and it’s better for our animals. In fact, if we want to get any of the benefits that meat can actually give us, we have to eat the best meat. I know it can be a bit of a challenge to find, so that’s why I’m excited to share this new company with you. ButcherBox understands that grass-fed beef can be harder to get — and more expensive than conventional, grain-fed alternatives. ButcherBox makes it simple for those who don’t live near a ranch or don’t want to buy a half cow or a quarter cow, to get great tasting, 100% grass-fed beef in quantities that are affordable and easy to fit in your freezer. I'm beyond impressed with the meat that I've received from ButcherBox and it has all been absolutely delicious. They have a number of different boxes you can choose from and are flexible with their delivery schedule. Amazingly, they are able to do all this for an extremely reasonable price that works out to be less than $6.50 a meal. And, they are offering my readers Ground Beef for Live + $10 off your first box. Just place your order here. I encourage you to give it a try...but don’t wait too long, this amazing offer expires on Saturday, February 18, at midnight!
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