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My Personal Health Crisis

Last year, after about ten years of feeling pretty great, my body broke down. A perfect storm of antibiotic use after a tooth infection, mold exposure, and a horse back riding accident led to a few of the most challenging months of my life. What was really frustrating about this experience was that my normal go-to’s for treating myself and my patients weren’t working. I was still taking my daily supplements and still eating a diet low in sugar and processed foods and filled with an abundance of plant foods, healthy fats, and protein, but those old tricks were not working. It was really scary. Recently I sat down with Jason Wachob of Mind Body Green to talk about this health crisis and what I did to break free of illness and feel like myself again. We also talk about why personalization is so important when it comes to our diets, and we get into high fat diets, stress, alcohol, and much much more. Without the foundation of a healthy diet and healthy habits, I truly believe that this health crisis could have been a lot worse. One of the most empowering aspects of being a Functional Medicine physician is acknowledging that I don’t always have the answers. Sometimes I have to dig deeper and discover causes and treatments that I have never heard of before, and sometimes I become my own patient. I hope you enjoy this interview. *My interview starts at 4:17
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