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The Road to Becoming a Miracle

Hello everyone,

Today we are featuring a very special guest blog post. My new documentary, Broken Brain, comes out soon, and in this docuseries, we talk about a revolutionary way to treat dis-ease. We dive into topics such as autism, ADHD, depression, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

In this blog post by Diane, a.k.a. Paleo Boss Lady, shares how she uses food as medicine and the power of Functional Medicine on her healing journey.

Her story is one of hope and strength, and I believe that people like Diane can inspire us to take back our health.

The Road to Becoming a Miracle

Early in 2011 I gave up gluten in a desperate attempt to stop Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from completely taking over my body. I had already blown through my life savings of $2+ million dollars due to the devastation known as MS and was literally facing homelessness, institutionalization or suicide as my life choices. MS was winning every battle and I was scared, broke and sicker than you can imagine.

By this time I was no longer able to use my hands, had no feeling on the left side of my body, involuntary limb jumping and trouble swallowing. I now needed full time help, people living with me and was unable to drive. I could barely care for myself , was falling down without warning, struggling to dress, feed and take myself to the ladies room. My life was filled with pain and suffering daily.

I had no idea what my future held and fear was controlling everything. During this time it become harder and harder for me to move my body freely. Weekly physical therapy (PT) appointments were getting harder as I was growing less able to have my body take commands. Everyone at the PT studio knew what was coming and my days of PT were about to end as I was losing the MS battle.

During one of my appointments with my physical therapist she shared how she gave up gluten due to gut issues. However she was experiencing amazing results all over her body and not just her gut. She suggested I try giving up gluten knowing how my situation was grave and I was in serious trouble with my health. At this point I would have done anything and quickly gave up gluten.

My body responded in a way it had never done in over 25 years living with MS by actually healing. Limb jumping started slowing and eventually disappeared. After these changes ‘Dr. Google’ became my best friend because I now knew with certainty food played a huge role and I had to keep trying to figure it out.

Prior to this I tried being vegetarian, followed The Swank Diet, Atkins, Vegan and Pritikin with zero changes to MS. When I began looking for more information about diets effect on the body the 1st person to come up on my search was Dr. Mark Hyman. It was a YouTube video explaining Functional Medicine & diet thoughts. I remember watching it twice because what he was saying resonated and was like nothing I had ever heard before.

Dr. Hyman had a whole collection of videos and presented thinking about healthcare in a way I had never thought possible. This new healthcare Dr. Hyman talked about was already showing progress in my life with MS. I knew he was onto something and that I needed to pay attention.

I remember Dr. Hyman sharing the truth about fat, how to rid your body naturally of inflammation and even talking about the mind/body connection. Prior to this I had never once heard this from any doctor. Inflammation only meant taking huge does of steroids until I heard Dr. Hyman talk about how diet and lifestyle are connected to inflammation. No one every shared diet tips to help with symptoms or to decrease inflammation until Dr. Hyman. Most of Dr. Hyman’s suggestions were simple lifestyle changes and a type of healthcare that finally made sense to me. A healthcare that involved more than a pill seemed logical and accessible thanks to Dr. Hyman. Immediately I began to listen and take action to his every word.

My new healthcare was free, accessible and healing my body daily. Dr. Hyman was changing my narrative and I was finally on the winning side of life with MS. Today I am the most healed person we know of from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis using only diet and lifestyle thanks to functional medicine. I take no drugs and see no western medicine doctors. My out of pocket healthcare costs are insurance premiums and a small deductible only.

To think I spent my entire life savings merely because I have MS is a crime and shows how horrible the business of healthcare is in the USA. Over 85% of those with MS go bankrupt due to healthcare costs.

Simply through his work via the Internet and books, Dr. Hyman taught me how to heal. Dr. Hyman has inspired me since day one with his words, video’s, blogs, interviews and so much more. I am beyond excited about his latest work the documentary series called “Broken Brain” knowing that this too will increase how many people can learn the power of the work of Dr. Hyman.

Today I am proud to be the founder of the brand PaleoBOSS Lady and the most healed from MS using diet and lifestyle only. My healthcare is free and accessible to everyone thanks to the work of people like Dr. Hyman. As a result under my own ‘moral obligation’ I sold all of my possessions and now travel the USA touring as part of the award winning ‘Taking it to the Streets Tour.” I am also proud to share I was named one of the “Top 50 Wellness Warriors Changing How American’s Think About Health.”

The tour has me living all over the USA with strangers (soon going worldwide). All of my work is free or donation based making it accessible to everyone just like my healthcare. During my visit I share my favorite tools of empowerment in an effort to help others begin to tap their miracle life. Today the tour has helped over 20,000 individuals through talks; house visits, cooking classes, retreats and workshops, appearances and much more.

Thank you Dr. Hyman for leading the way and keeping the petal to the metal with “Broken Brain.” You have helped to save my life and I am forever grateful you keep sharing the good word saving lives all over the world. My work has and continues to be inspired by the valuable lessons I learn from you daily. I am beyond proud to be a walking miracle.

To learn more about the tour and to become a part of it simply click here.

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