The Skinny on Fat: A Conversation with Dr. David Ludwig

I am so excited to announce that we are launching The Fat Summit 2: Separating Even More Fat from Fiction this coming November.

During the first Fat Summit, we brought together physicians, health experts, researchers, journalists and scientists to tell us the truth about what makes us sick and fat, and guess what? It’s not the fat that is the culprit!

We dove deep into subjects like cholesterol, brain health, heart disease, hormones and so much more, but the conversation was only just beginning, which is why we decided to bring you The Fat Summit 2. We are bringing back some of our favorite experts and introducing some new ones, too.

Before we launch this new summit, we want to take you back to some of the highlights from the original summit. So, over the next five weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the amazing conversations we had to give you the skinny on fat.

This week, I'm sharing one of my favorite interviews, from our first Fat Summit, with Dr. David Ludwig. For 20 years, Dr. Ludwig has conducted basic and clinical research into novel dietary approaches for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. And, he was one of the greatest sources of inspiration for my book, Eat Fat, Get Thin. Below you’ll find links to our discussion and the transcripts for download.

Let’s keep this conversation about fat going. Do you have any questions or comments about dietary fat? Comment on my Facebook page.

Be sure to sign up for the Fat Summit 2 here. It all starts on Monday, November 7th!

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