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Top 5 Blog Posts of the Year

In honor of the holiday, my team and I have decided to take a break from posting our normal House Call video. Instead, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite blog posts from this year.

And oh what a year it’s been! We’ve covered a lot of great topics – like coconut oil, sugar, antibiotics, acid reflux, ketosis, and much, much more. I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss the highlights from this year, so I’ve included them all here. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content, and if you have a question, be sure to tweet me and use #housecallwithdrhyman. Maybe next week I’ll make a House Call to you!

Coconut Oil - Are You Coco-Nuts to Eat it?

With all the controversy surrounding coconut oil, I thought it was important to present the facts. Is coconut oil good for you? Click the link above to find out.

Sugar, Soy, and The Flu

In this House Call, we dive into sugar, soy, and the flu. How can we prevent the flu? Is there such a thing as healthy sugar? Is soy a health food? I answer all of these questions in this article and video.

Here's the Downside of Antibiotics Your Doctor Might Not Tell You

Antibiotics can be life-saving, and they can also harm you. Learn about the potential downside of antibiotics.

Snacks for Athletes, Reducing Reflux and Gluten Sensitivity

If you’re looking for snack ideas or ways to reduce acid reflux, you won’t want to miss this House Call. I also talk about the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Even if you don’t have celiac disease, you still might want to avoid gluten. Find out why!

Food As Medicine, The Blood Type Diet and The Ketogenic Diet

With all the choices of diets these days, it’s no wonder us eaters are confused. In this House Call, I provide my thoughts on a few different diets and discuss why food is the most powerful tool we have to transform our health.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Mark Hyman, MD

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