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I was so excited to be back on the Dr. Oz show again - what a dream this whole experience has been. The last time we were on the show, I was so overwhelmed by the Truth Tube news. I had just been told for the first time exactly how sick we all were. Even though I suspected this, the blow was very emotional for me and it all hit me once the cameras were off and I wasn’t facing a big audience. The only good news we received that day was that we were going home with a plan, as well as support, to help us start our journey. It doesn’t seem that long since we originally visited the lab and found out the truth. We recently repeated our lab work and I figured that we probably would be a little better off after the initial 10 Day Detox Diet. Little did I know that making just a few small changes in our lifestyle would have such a drastic improvement in our overall health and wellness. Today, as we stood in front of the Truth Tube, my heart was racing and I was even more nervous to hear our status this time around. As Dr. Oz explained to us that our inflammation had lowered and that we were on the right track, I breathed a little easier. When he stated that I no longer had diabetes, I was just thrilled. I went from diagnosis to cure in about 3 weeks!! But, it is what happened next that put me over the top. My family lost 100 pounds collectively! It came to me, right there on the set that we were doing this and that our bodies were responding to the changes that we had made! Now, I would be lying if I said that this has been a journey full of rainbows and hearts. Changing years of eating patterns has its challenges, and I have had to say “no” to my kids a lot when they ask for happy meals or macaroni and cheese and even birthday cake for their birthdays. I dug in deep and stood firm on the fact that I was the Mom and my decisions were for their well being. The big payoff is that we are already healing physically! The thought of it all brought me to tears right there on national TV. I cried because of joy, relief and most of all - HOPE. For the first time we have hope for our future health. We are breaking the cycle of food addiction. We have only begun our journey, and I know we have many more joys and challenges ahead (I would be naïve to think otherwise). We will take this one step at a time and journey along, doing the next right thing, whether that entails making changes or meeting challenges, in order to bring healthy back!
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