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Why Agriculture is the Most Important Thing You May Not Think About

Why Agriculture is the Most Important Thing You May Not Think About

For many of us in the developed world, it can be easy to take food for granted.

We have endless options of markets to choose from, and even more options once we’re inside.

But do you ever stop to think where it’s all coming from and how it made it to your plate? If you’re at the farmers’ market buying directly from a grower, that's one thing, but what about those items coming from further away, like coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, and avocados for example?

Chances are, when you stop to think about it you’re more disconnected from agriculture than you’d like to be. And if you knew how much of it was being produced and how the farmers were living, you’d be a lot more inclined to get involved.

If you missed this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was joined by Danielle Nierenberg to learn about food activism and the changing face of agriculture.

Danielle founded the organization Food Tank to support safe, healthy, nourished eaters all over the world. She traveled to more than 60 countries to find out what agricultural practices and policies are working to alleviate hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation. Now, Danielle uses that experience to teach others how to become food activists.

One of the most profound things Danielle found was that women are playing a leading role in sustainable farming.

Throughout this episode, Danielle sheds light on the agricultural challenges we’re facing on a global scale and the solutions she’s discovered throughout her research. Employing methods that support biodiversity, reinvesting in rural areas and future generations of farmers, and empowering women farmers through education and resources are just some of the starting points for a healthier food system that Danielle shares.

And we can’t look at agriculture as a whole without including politics and food policy.

Danielle feels one of the greatest impacts we can make on an individual level is to call and write members of Congress to collectively push for the changes we want to see. We also talk about how the Farm Bill is holding us back from healthy farming practices and healthy food options and why a Food Bill would better serve us on multiple levels.

Find out more about how you can change the future of food in this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy.

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