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Behind Her Empire with Yasmin Nouri and Equinox Founder Lavinia Errico

Behind Her Empire with Yasmin Nouri and Equinox Founder Lavinia Errico

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Some of the biggest and best empires are built by women. However, we don’t hear about them nearly enough. Yasmin Nouri went on a quest to create her own empire by finding inspiration through other powerful women. This is how her new podcast, Behind Her Empire, was born.

On today’s special Broken Brain Podcast episode, our host Dhru turns over the mic to his significant other, Yasmin Nouri, to help promote her new podcast, Behind Her Empire. Yasmin has spent most of her life pursuing careers most would consider successful—careers that she thought would bring her happiness. But deep down inside, she still felt unfulfilled and had a deep craving to build an empire on her own terms.

This led her to seek out successful, self-made women and mentors whom she admired and who could help inspire her own journey. And now, with the launch of this podcast, she aims to bring that same experience to you.

Every week, she dives deep into the personal stories of CEOs, founders, investors, and fearless changemakers, and learns how they’ve mastered business, family life, and money along with key lessons they’ve picked up along the way. It is her hope that this will inspire you to build your own empire too.

Yasmin’s first guest is Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and the Inside Out Movement. In her 20s and 30s, Lavinia built a leading fitness company that forever changed the way Americans think about health and wellness. At the peak of her success, Lavinia sold Equinox for millions and was instantaneously wealthy beyond her needs and dreams.

Although she was living the “American Dream,” Lavinia realized that somewhere along the way she had lost the things that were most important to her—her essential self and identity. This experience pushed Lavinia to embark on a completely different path and journey to rebuild her identity from the inside out. Lavinia now inspires individuals and organizations with her unique, disruptive take on how to create a more powerful, authentic and inspiring life.

In this episode, Yasmin and Lavinia dive into Lavinia’s unique journey into creating the Equinox empire and more importantly, how she rediscovered her true self. They discuss how to get clear with your goals, find self-love, and create boundaries, and how these topics are all connected. They also talk about the profound impact love, support, and connection play in self-discovery, goal-setting, and creating an empire.

In this episode, they dive into:

  • How Lavinia’s upbringing and mother taught her to create the life she desired (7:15)
  • The importance of saying “yes” and being open to different career opportunities (22:05)
  • Lavinia shares why there is no such thing as failure. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about winning and learning (31:00)
  • How Lavinia and her brothers started a gym (34:00)
  • Why Lavinia chose to listen to her gut when she left her high paying job to start a gym (38:00)
  • Lavinia describes the importance of a team when founding Equinox (41:28)
  • Lavinia talks about her health scare and the importance of being spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy (52:25)
  • The importance of being self-aware (55:53)
  • Lavinia walks through the journey of selling her company (1:00:24)
  • The lowest point in Lavinia’s life despite making millions (1:06:00)
  • How to find your purpose, or as Lavinia says, “Your own lane” (1:12:00)
  • How to create more self-love and self-expression in your life (1:20:38)

For more on Yasmin, you can follow her on Instagram @yasminknouri and be sure to follow her new podcast, Behind Her Empire. You can also listen through Apple or Spotify.

For more on Lavinia Errico, you can follow her on Instagram @laviniajoy, on Twitter @LaviniaErrico, or check out her Inside Out Movement here.

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