Our family, has always been loud and chaotic. It is why Mike always says, we are the circus masters. We have been known to hum the circus theme, when things get too crazy in our house. Its always full of lots of energy, opinions,and noise. We wouldn’t have it any other way! We do things, to the crazy extreme sometimes, which has put us in this place with food, that we were at with our health. But, we are all learning to harness and focus our energy, to the areas needed for health and wellness.

Togetherness in our crazy wonderful life, is what is going to continue to bring health back for our family. I already feel like this new lifestyle, is bringing us closer. It is forcing each of us, to look at the choices and track that we have been on, and change things. We are honestly talking about feelings, now instead of stuffing them down with a meal. It is weaving us more tightly, as we support our struggles together, and celebrate our victories. It is only the beginning, and life couldn’t be more crazy, but crazy good!!

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