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Download The UltraSimple Diet Companion Guide

There were many resources that I was unable to put in the book. To get the most out of the program, I suggest you download this guide before using the program. The guide includes:
  • Preparation Checklist – A checklist to get yourself and kitchen prepared prior to starting the program.
  • Shopping List – Handy list of everything you need to shop for, based on the recipes provided and including the foods you should enjoy.
  • Daily checklist – A checklist for each day on your program
  • Journaling questions and exercises
  • Supplement Guide – Helps you organize what you should take and when.
  • Food Re-introduction log - An important tool that will allow you to carefully track how your mind and body react to different foods as you reintroduce them – a critical step in determining your optimal diet.
  • And more recipes!
The UltraSimple Diet Companion Guide, which is downloadable only from this site, contains all the extra resources and tools you need to succeed. Simply add your name and email to the box below to download The UltraSimple Diet Companion Guide. When you do, you will automatically be added to my newsletter mailing list where you will find more tips for optimizing your brain and attaining lifelong health. [gravityform id="46" title="false" description="false"]
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