Content Library Articles My Favorite 2022 Black Friday Deals (Up to 45% off!)

My Favorite 2022 Black Friday Deals (Up to 45% off!)

My Favorite 2022 Black Friday Deals (Up to 45% off!)

Helping others tap into vibrant health is one of my core passions in life. So, I wanted to share the best deals of the season on products my team and I have carefully handpicked to elevate whole-body health. Below you’ll find eleven exclusive offers to help you shop stress-free and give mindful gifts to your friends, family, and yourself. Check out these generous discounts for my community, and keep in mind they expire on November 30, 2022.


The supplement I trust for mitochondrial support

Did you know improving your mitochondrial function is a powerful way to make your whole body work better and support longevity all at once? Urolithin A is an incredibly effective nutrient backed by science that promotes healthy mitochondria. Until recently, it was difficult to add Urolithin A to your diet. Mitopure solves that problem by providing the first and only clinically tested, highly pure form of Urolithin A, and it’s my trusted go-to source. Since starting it, I feel stronger and more energized than ever.

The makers of Mitopure are offering my community an exclusive, limited-time, 20% off discount on one and two-month plans—their best price ever.

Use code MARK through the link above (limit 3 per person).


The real-food, protein-rich snacks I always keep around

Paleovalley makes the cleanest, best-tasting meat sticks and superfood bars I’ve found, so it’s easy to have nutritious options on hand that I can take anywhere. Their Pasture Raised Turkey Sticks and 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are naturally fermented, for gut-friendly benefits in addition to bioavailable protein. And their Superfood Bars are made with ten organic, nutrient-dense superfoods plus grass-fed bone broth protein and they come in five amazing flavors. Paleovalley also makes super high-quality supplements, Bone Broth Protein Powder, Supergreens Powder, and more. I know eating well can feel expensive, which is why it’s the perfect time to stock up with Paleovalley’s Black Friday Sale!

Right now, you can get 30% off subscriptions for life or 20% off your one-time order at Paleovalley using the link above.


How I get the benefits of a sauna anywhere

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology meets wellness, making it easier than ever to use advanced therapeutic tools in the comfort of our own homes. That is HigherDOSE’s specialty—portable wellness tools designed to supercharge self-care, boost holistic recovery, and ignite vitality for every budget. HigherDOSE makes a bestselling detoxifying Infrared Sauna Blanket (my personal favorite), grounding Infrared PEMF Mats with 20 lbs of crystal therapy, and a rejuvenating Red Light Mask. They also recently launched a Magnesium Ingestibles and Topicals line to enhance the benefits of their devices.

Right now, HigherDOSE has an amazing offer: Get 20% off site-wide (except full-size saunas and subscriptions) using the link above.


The unique probiotic I use for a stronger gut. When I was trying to recover from the greatest health crisis of my life, Akkermansia muciniphila played a pivotal role in healing my gut. It’s crucial for optimizing gut barrier function and immune response. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Pendulum’s Akkermansia muciniphila probiotic—it’s the only one available on the market. This next-generation strain is not only associated with a stronger gut lining, improved digestion, and overall GI function, but it can also help manage a healthy weight, boost metabolism, and increase GLP-1 levels.

Pendulum is offering my community their biggest deal of the year: Get 25% off your first month of a Pendulum membership with code HYMAN25 through the link above.


My favorite blue light blocking glasses

I do everything I can to support and protect my sleep, and the different types of artificial light we’re exposed to all day have a significant impact on our natural circadian rhythms. Poor sleep is linked to a lack of productivity and focus, cardiovascular disease, obesity, psychological dysfunction, and so much more. That’s why I wear BON CHARGE Blue Light Glasses every night for 2 to 3 hours before bed. They are science-backed to optimize sleep, well-being, and recovery and come in prescription, non-prescription, and reading options. BON CHARGE also has some other great gift options for a healthy holiday, like eye masks, cold therapy devices, and red light therapy devices.

Right now, BON CHARGE is having its biggest Black Friday sale ever with 25% off sitewide!

The discount is automatically applied using the link above.


At-home testing and personalized wellness plans

To live your healthiest longest life possible, you need to understand what’s going on inside your body. InsideTracker was developed by experts in aging, genetics, and biometric data to help you create optimal health based on your unique needs. Using your test results, they’ll provide you with a detailed personalized health analysis and action plan. InsideTracker can also calculate your biological age—the rate at which you’re aging internally—with tips on how to reverse that process. The thing I love most about InsideTracker is they give you recommendations on things you can actually control to feel your best, like food, supplements, workouts, and other lifestyle choices.

This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, get $200 off InsideTracker’s Ultimate plan or 34% off the entire store.

Use the link above and complete their short form to access the discount code.

Cozy Earth

The most comfortable and conscious sheets, towels, and pajamas

I take a few steps to make good sleep hygiene as easy as possible. Creating a super comfortable bed is one of them, which is why I love the incredibly soft, naturally temperature-regulating bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth. They also just launched silk pillowcases that feel cool and comfortable throughout the night. All of Cozy Earth’s products are made from responsibly sourced bamboo with a transparent and conscious supply chain. Cozy Earth covers more than just your bathroom, too—their dual-sided Waffle Bath Collection has gained an instant following for its appealing aesthetic and soft, absorbent functionality.

Right now, Cozy Earth has an amazing offer of 45% off sitewide using code HYMAN45 through the link above.


My must-have matcha green tea

Tea is a time-tested and powerful way to use food as medicine and promote good health, from our gut to our skin and everything in between. The Sun Goddess Matcha from Pique is my favorite—when I drink it, I know I’m supporting my beneficial bacteria, promoting longevity, and creating a calm and sustained focus. The delicious fermented Green and Black Pu’er Teas from Pique contain pre-and probiotics for digestive benefits in every sip. For targeted, accessible support, Pique has specially curated Ritual bundles for Hormonal Balance, Metabolism, Thriving Gut, Radiant Skin, and Immunity. Each Ritual is Triple Toxin Tested and contains a variety of bestsellers to support your health from the inside out.

Pique is offering their biggest deal of 15% off this collection just for my community with code DRHYMAN through the link above.

Eight Sleep

How I get deep, restorative sleep nightly

Sleep is a foundational pillar of optimal health, one that I find many of my patients struggle with. Maintaining a cool bed is a scientifically proven way to get deeper, more restful sleep, and it’s something we can control. I run hot, which is why I love the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover, a tech layer that fits onto my current mattress like a fitted sheet. It dynamically cools or heats each side of the bed to maintain my optimal sleeping temperature. With the Pod, you can start sleeping as cool as 55°F or as hot as 110°F for someone who already runs cold. Clinical data even shows that Eight Sleep users can experience 34% more deep sleep!

For a limited time, Eight Sleep is offering up to $400 off their Sleep Fit Holiday Bundle, which includes my personal favorite, the Pod 3 Cover.

Use the link above to access this special discount.


My favorite countertop water purifier

Clean, purified water is a cornerstone of daily health and long-term wellness. That’s why, for many years now, AquaTru has been my trusted brand for creating the cleanest water at home and at my office. The AquaTru Carafe is the newest purifier in the AquaTru family, with the same patented and installation-free 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis purification technology as their original countertop models, but in a smaller footprint and served up in a 64 oz glass carafe. It’s perfect for individuals and couples or for those who prefer to stick with glass.

Right now, AquaTru is offering a special Black Friday deal for my community with $100 off the AquaTru Carafe and exclusive discounted holiday accessory bundles.

You can’t go wrong with the gift of clean water. The discount is automatically applied using the link above.

The Furies Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive oil I can’t live without

The very first ingredient I tell all my patients to keep in their cabinets is organic extra virgin olive oil, and my favorite is The Furies. The Furies oil comes directly from the Achaia region of Greece, made from the Koutsourelia Olive, which is prized for its superior taste, lush texture, and exceptionally low acidity. Their olives are hand collected and mechanically cold-extracted within hours to preserve the highest levels of polyphenols. The oil is packaged in eco-friendly BPA-free tin plate canisters for superior protection from light and air. You can honestly taste the quality. Women-owned and operated, they source all their products locally and are committed to sustainability at all production levels.

Right now, get 20% off all regularly priced merchandise using code DRHYMAN through the link above

(excluding subscriptions and gift boxes, which are already discounted).

I hope you find some great gift options or a new favorite item to elevate your own health to the next level.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Mark Hyman, MD

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