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Find Out How Thousands Have Ignited Weight Loss and Rebooted Their Health in Just 10 Days

If you’re like most people, myself included, you’ve probably struggled with your weight, your health—or both—at some point in your life. The fact that you’re reading this says you may be looking for solutions right now.

I have three pieces of good news for you. The first is that what you’re facing isn’t your fault. Struggling to lose weight and be healthy has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what you’ve been taught about food. There’s a good chance you’re following a diet you think is healthy but really isn’t. There’s an even greater chance that you’re addicted to foods that literally make you sick and overweight.

Here’s the second piece of good news: You can jump-start your weight loss and transform your health in just 10 days. That may sound too good to be true, but I have the evidence to back up what I promise in my new book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet.

The third piece of good news? You’re not alone. There are countless people just like you who are looking for a solution. Many of them have found what they’re looking for in one of my books—and there are about 630 people who have already discovered what a difference just 10 days can make. And I have tried this on thousands of patients in my medical practice. It works for almost everyone because it deals with the root causes of why we are sick and fat.

My plan in The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet is based on scientific evidence, but I wanted to be absolutely sure it would deliver what I promise. I led a group of 600 people through this detox, and they lost more than 4,000 pounds in 10 days. That’s an average of about 7 pounds each! They also lost an average of 2 inches from their waist and 1.4 inches from their hips. And their symptoms from all diseases went down by 62% in just 10 days.

More recently, I invited 30 additional people to try the detox program and share their experiences. You can read about how that worked, along with some of their initial responses, in this blog post.

Based on the participants’ survey responses after the 10 days were up, their results were just as impressive as the first group’s. They lost an average of 6.7 pounds each, along with 2.3 inches from their waist and 1.75 inches from their hips.

Equally important is how they felt about themselves during and after the 10-day plan.

“It was almost like a flip switched on Day 3,” said one participant. “I woke up feeling what I thought was good—and it just kept getting better!!! By Day 4, I was just so happy and really felt like, ‘I can do this!’ Now, at the end of 10 days, I really feel in control of my health, and that is an amazing way to feel.”

Another participant had this to say:

“This experience was truly life-changing for me. I was already eating what I considered to be a healthy diet, but the program inspired me to dig deep and really streamline my food choices. I love the program's multi-layered approach—it's not just a diet, it's a lifestyle incorporating healthy food choices as well as journaling, the exploration of emotions around eating, exercise and relaxation techniques.”

And then there’s this:

“If you think you have tried everything to feel better and nothing has worked, try this! I promise you will feel great! I wasn't trying to lose weight so wasn't sure it was for me at first. I think this diet is for anyone who wants to feel more energetic and rested!”

They didn’t simply feel better. They saw measurable improvements in their health. Just like the initial group of 600, the 30 people who tried The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet reported a significant decrease in muscle aches, joint pain, asthma and bronchitis symptoms, arthritis symptoms, fatigue, insomnia and gastrointestinal discomfort. Mood swings, irritability, anxiety and depression also notably diminished, while concentration and comprehension measurably improved.

Everyone has something to lose—and even more to gain

The results of our survey are compelling, no question. But to fully appreciate how this plan can deliver results to absolutely everyone, take a look at some of the personal experiences the participants shared.

You may feel like blogger and fitness expert Chris Freytag did. She was initially a bit skeptical about any program with the words “detox” and “diet” in it. But, as she wrote at her blog, there’s nothing in The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet to be skeptical about.

“His plan is a guidepost for how we all should be eating anyway—using whole foods, those that start out as one ingredient. (Think veggies!) When you make the choice to eat clean, your hunger is satiated and while you still may want an occasional sweet treat—you will no longer crave sweets—and that’s a big difference. You will feel in charge of what you decide to eat and that’s an empowering way to live! If you want to win out against sugar this year, you have to check out his book and try the detox too. You will learn so much and be so happy you did!”

For others who didn’t start the program from a place of health, the experience was even more transformative. Lori Shemek gave the chance to try my plan to someone she thought needed a boost: Janice, who had recently lost her husband and was struggling to regain her wellness and vitality. Lori proudly watched as Janice went on her journey, and wrote about the positive changes Janice experienced in just 10 short days.

At the Urban Zen blog, the emphasis was on how my plan can heal the body, inside and out. It starts with a focus on eating the right foods, and extends to exercise, relaxation, community support and journaling to create a new approach to health and wellness.

“I had only one goal for the 10 days—to feel more aligned with vibrancy through the food choices I was making. I needed a reboot—a lifestyle makeover. … The incredible combination of science and psychology were super effective in helping me to make substantial shifts in my kitchen and my eating.”

Something I see being reinforced over and over is how my plan works for everyone. Stacy DeBroff wrote at the Mom Central blog about how she’d been gaining “deeply hated pounds” as she entered her fifties. She’d been looking for something to blame—but her age, metabolism and busy life weren’t the culprits. What she was eating was. Stacy was also looking for a lifelong nutrition plan a self-confessed food lover could stick with. Well, she found it in The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet.

Speaking of delicious food, The Blender Girl blog has been sharing some of the recipes from my book, including this quick and easy Zucchini and Watercress Soup.

Every single person who has tried The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet has seen results. They’ve all learned important lessons about themselves, their eating habits and their health. Most important, they all plan to continue on the path they’ve started, having recognized in just 10 days how the right foods and lifestyle choices can transform their lives for the better.

You don’t have to wait until my book is released on February 25 to begin changing your life. You can order it right now and get these great bonus gifts to jumpstart your program:

  1. The Top 10 Food Lies Video – bust the most common diet myths that keep you sick and fat
  2. One-Week Quick Start Preview Recipe Guide – recipes so good you won’t believe you’re de-toxing

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

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