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Finding the Farmacy in Your Fridge

Finding the Farmacy in Your Fridge

Eating the rainbow means a lot more than just an Instagram-worthy plate of food—it means you’re getting a greater diversity of nutrients to protect your body from dis-ease.

And it’s not just fruits and vegetables. All of the real, whole foods hiding in your fridge and pantry have incredible benefits waiting to be enjoyed, so consider your kitchen your own personal farmacy.

Using food as medicine is a surprisingly simple and empowering way to take care of your health every single day.

If you missed this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was joined by Chef David Bouley to talk about the healing powers of food and how we can all seize the opportunity to use food as medicine.

Chef Bouley is known as one of the most health-conscious chefs in the world and has turned an incredible culinary career into an opportunity to learn more about nutrition and healing. Among innumerable restaurant awards, he also won a lifetime achievement award from Dr. Peter Green, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, and a lifetime achievement award from Dr. Barry Smith, President of the Rogosin Institute and Professor of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College.

His dedication to conscious cooking has given many patrons with dietary challenges the ability to rediscover enjoyable and safe eating.

As Chef Bouley got more curious about the health effects of food, he dove into some fascinating research and experiments. Throughout our talk, he shares some of the amazing results he’s seen when cooking for others’ individual needs, like improved blood sugar and lipid levels after huge meals that are made with the right ingredients.

He also talks about the power of using our own farmacies to take health into our own hands and shares a few of his favorite, easy, go-to recipes to have on hand in every kitchen.

I hope you’ll tune in to learn more about using your own fridge as a farmacy; there are so many powerful (and delicious) benefits waiting for you in each bite.

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