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Finding the Funny

Finding the Funny

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything more confusing for people than deciding what to eat.

One day we’re told to avoid carbs, another it’s animal products of all kinds, and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, we’re bombarded by food-like substances overflowing with sugar and chemicals in every market aisle and checkout line we pass through.

It’s overwhelming! But that doesn’t mean we have to let it get the best of us and take our health down with it. This is actually a great opportunity to look at the power of mindset and embracing our sense of humor to overcome stress.

First, let’s remember that a certain amount of stress plays an important role for us humans; it moves us towards change and even plays a part in how our brains and bodies develop. With that being said, too much stress is definitely a bad thing, leading to inflammation that lays the foundation for chronic disease.

That’s why we don’t need extra stress from dietary confusion. Instead, if we can look at how humorous it is that the goal of being well can make us unwell if we get too wrapped up in the minutiae, we can reduce stress hormones, decrease inflammation, improve cognition, and feel overall happier and calmer. Finding the funny in life has productive implications for our health, and this is something I’m so lucky to experience with my own wife, Mia Lux, on a daily basis. She’s shown me how to train myself to look at the lighter, funnier side of wellness and reap all these amazing benefits at the same time.

Humor helps us place whatever the issue is into a different box, taking it from a negative to a positive all through perspective. It helps us accept more of our human experience, and our own silly mistakes or tendencies, learn from them, and move on with a better attitude. Fostering a sense of humor can even help with depression, which aligns with what we know about the power of mindset.

Last week I was thrilled to have an interview with Mia featured on The Doctor’s Farmacy. We talk about the many confusing parts of nutrition and wellness, like why is grass-fed beef labeled that way when cows are biologically made to eat grass and why are so many of us addicted to sugar? Mia helps us take a humorous look at the big picture when it comes to our health and how we can be more conscious(ish) with an upbeat outlook.

I hope you’ll check out this fun episode with my amazing wife, Mia Lux.

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