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Help Me Change the Future of Medicine

Help Me Change the Future of Medicine

Our healthcare system is broken. It’s more of a sick-care system if you ask me—keeping us sick, overweight, and unhappy because prevention and education are pushed aside for politics and financial gain.

And while this is upsetting and can sometimes feel downright discouraging, we can all make an impact by using our voices together. I have embarked on an exciting research collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine, or IFM, of which I’m Board President, and we’re asking you to join us in this mission.

We need the patient of the future (you) to tell us what medicine would look like if it were designed to serve your needs and values. Your interest in Functional Medicine suggests you’re part of a special tribe of people who are uniquely engaged in their health. What we’d love to discover is how you got that way.

This quick glimpse into your personal views on medicine will help to broaden the path for everyone to engage as you have in their health and wellbeing.

This short survey only takes about 7-10 minutes, asking a range of basic demographic questions to detailed input of why you take the approach to health that you do. Your information will be confidential, we respect your privacy.

As a thank you, IFM will randomly choose 5 winners to win the newly release Oura Ring (the world’s most advanced sleep, stress, & activity tracker). For EVERYONE else, you’ll get a $75 gift certificate toward the purchase of your own Oura order.

Together we can do so much more; thank you for supporting my mission in making Functional Medicine the new normal. Click here to take the survey and change the future of medicine, starting today.

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