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How Lucid Dreaming Can Heal You

How Lucid Dreaming Can Heal You

Sleep is an essential part of any wellness routine.

It allows our brains time to detox, our bodies time to rest, and our minds time to explore a limitless world through dreams.

My wife, Mia, inspired me to learn more about the power of dreams. She began experimenting with lucid dreaming after I nearly died, as a way to overcome her fear of death and losing people she loves.

Lucid dreaming means being aware you’re in a dream when you’re completely asleep. And though for some this comes more naturally than others, we can do certain things to support our ability to enter a lucid dream state.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want to lucid dream (other than to fly, of course) my guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy , Charlie Morley, is here to talk about the many benefits it can offer.

For example, lucid dreaming has been found to help overcome traumas and phobias, enhance creativity, and create a deeper sense of spirituality. It can also expedite emotional and physical healing. There have been reports of people reducing infection, healing injuries, overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder, and more, all by leveraging their time in lucid dreams to create the healing they desired.

Considering all the mind-body benefits we’ve discovered from meditation and hypnosis, it’s not surprising that the mind can have powerful impacts on the body through the act of dreaming.

In this recent episode, Charlie and I dig deeper into the history and practice of lucid dreaming, other benefits, and so much more. I hope you’ll tune in to The Doctor’s Farmacy to learn more about the power of lucid dreaming.

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