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How to Pursue Your Passion

How to Pursue Your Passion

When we truly look at our lives, even the messy, uncomfortable, shameful parts, we are able to move on and discover what brings us joy.

That’s what my guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is all about. Lisa Lampanelli went from famous comedian with a food addiction to life-coach specializing in food and body-image issues… after she did the deep emotional work to get to the root of her problems.

Lisa believes when we stop catastrophizing and write down what it will really take to reach our goals, we see just how achievable they are. She acknowledges that change doesn’t come easy and it can be hard to fight old habits, but every step in the right direction counts.

Throughout our conversation, Lisa’s vulnerability will have you feeling like you’re talking to a friend—one with some amazing tips on making positive changes and pursuing your passion. Being open and vulnerable allows us to get closer to others and make fulfilling connections while gaining a valuable perspective of ourselves; Lisa’s story will motivate you to open up.

Lisa and I talk about her struggles with emotional eating, relationships, and self-doubt and how she overcame her fears to pursue a career she truly loves. I know you’ll be inspired by this episode, be sure to listen in.

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