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Lose Weight and Revitalize Your Health

usd-eating-header-blk We KNOW that eating that cupcake, drinking that soda, or eating that food we are allergic to isn't good for us, but we do it anyway It's as though someone, or something, has commandeered our brain and we are helpless. Then we blame ourselves, ridden with guilt, feeling that we just didn't have enough willpower to resist the temptation and we are left wondering how everyone else does it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can achieve incredible improvements in your mind, body and spirit, including:
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Better mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Easier breathing
  • And reduced pain ...
Watch this video to hear the amazing story from a previous participant in this program who experienced these dramatic changes herself ... [su_note note_color="#eeeeee" text_color="#222222" radius="0"] Why I Created this Program This is a program that I've been quietly developing over the last 15 years while practicing medicine, first as a general practitioner, then as an emergency room physician, then as co-medical director of Canyon Ranch, and now in my own private medical practice at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA.Over the last 15+ years, I've seen well over 3,000 patients, including some of the hardest cases imaginable. In fact, I jokingly refer to myself as a "wholistic doctor", because by the time people come to see me, they have a "whole list" of problems.It was through this process of working with thousands of the most challenging patients that I began to see a common set of patterns emerge...patterns that have led me to discover the TRUE underlying reasons people are sick and fat. The program I have developed has not only worked with my patients, but I have to use it on myself. When I was an ER doctor, I worked 30+ hour shifts, took one shot of espresso after the next, and burned the candle from both ends. It finally all caught up to me. My body collapsed under the sheer load of work and stress that I was under and I developed chronic fatigue syndrome a chronically debilitating condition that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Day by day, step by step, piece by piece, I had to put myself back together. It wasn't easy, but I did it by following the science of functional medicine, the same medical science upon which the UltraSimple Challenge is based. [/su_note] This is NOT a Gimmick or a Quick fix... I want to be very clear about something -- this is NO miracle program, NO magic pill, NO gimmick. If you are expecting that, this program is NOT for you. Yes, it DOES work quickly. Yes, it's effects ARE powerful. But it's NOT magic, it's science and it does require work to see the effects. This 7-day program gives you a very quick and simple taste of what it feels like to be in balance...what it feels like to enjoy life to the fullest, unshackled from the symptoms you may be experiencing. The time of the fad diet, the magic supplement or the quick-fix workout routine is over. I think all of us now know at some level that the ONLY way to truly make progress is to fix the things that are actually broken, not to kick the can down the road anymore by just papering over the symptoms that plague us. I want you to realize that whatever pain you are in; whatever symptoms you suffer from; however much you are overweight; it DOES NOT have to be this way. The frightening reality is that our society profits from keeping people sick, not making them well ... So, I don't blame you if you have settled into the notion that you just have to live with the problems you may have. But I am here to tell you this is not how it has to be. On a daily basis I see people in my medical practice who have made remarkable recoveries using the exact same techniques you'll be using when you join me on the UltraSimple Challenge. The Science Behind the Program... The reason this program works so well is this: It addresses the two main underlying destructive forces that cause so many of us to be sick, fat, tired, and depressed. What many people don't understand is that what makes us sick is also what makes us fat, and what makes us fat also makes us sick -- it's all connected. Our body is made up of a complex web of systems that interconnect and until you accept this truth and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, you'll continue to suffer to be overweight and sick. There is NO magic pill, gimmick or fad diet that will work because those are all just short term measures that seek to paper over symptoms without addressing the REAL underlying problems. I created this program as a very simple way for people to experience for themselves what it feels like to be alive, full of life, energy, happiness, and joy. That's not something that many people can claim they have experienced, but it's something that IS possible with this program. I Want You to Become Addicted... My hope for all of you is not weight loss-that's just a nice side effect. My real hope is for you is to experience what it feels like to enjoy everything that life has to offer, to experience a state of vibrant health, happiness and joy that is only possible once you've put your body back in balance. Instead of being addicted to sugar and fat, my hope is that you become addicted to feeling well. And I know that once you get a taste of that, in only 7 days, you'll never look back and will be able to make the changes stick for good. If you'd like to join me for the next UltraSimple Challenge, please click here To be clear, you WILL have to make substantial changes to your life, but I can promise you this-when you participate in the UltraSimple Challenge, you WILL see results. I see it happen in my medical practice on a daily basis and now I am thrilled to bring this opportunity to you. My goal for you at the end of this program is to say "Wow, I never knew how good I could feel because I always felt so bad before"! What's Included in the Program Part I - The New Video Coaching Program... The single most important component of the entire UltraSimple Challenge is the new video home coaching program. This program includes 2 DVDs that will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Unlike in the first UltraSimple Challenge we conducted, you won't need to read through hundreds of pages of materials to understand how everything works and what you are supposed to do. Instead, you can just sit back, relax, and watch this set of two DVDs that will quickly tell you how everything works and what to do next. The first DVD gives you an overview of how the program works. For those of you who like to know the science behind the program, this DVD will be very important for you to watch. In a nutshell, here's how it works ... What makes you sick makes you fat and what makes you fat, makes you sick. To get out of this vicious cycle, you need to address the two main underlying destructive forces that are causing your weight gain and other symptoms: toxicity and inflammation. Once you address these two destructive forces, your body's natural intelligence to heal will automatically kick in and you'll begin to lose weight and feel better. Your metabolism will be enhanced, your appetite control system will be normalized, your fat burning factories will start to work again and you may feel relief from a whole variety of symptoms that you've been suffering from. This first DVD will show you how to undertake a set of changes that will address the underlying causes of your toxicity and inflammation, and explain how to take a series of steps that will provide your body, mind and soul the nourishment they need to heal. There are two types of plans you can follow during the Challenge: the Basic and the Advanced. In this DVD, you'll learn the nuts and bolts about each of these plans and which one is right for you. The Basic Plan The basic plan will show you which nourishing foods to eat and which toxic foods to avoid, including the 5 most allergenic foods that you should avoid at all costs. It will also show you how to make a special nutritional shake to keep your energy up and your appetite under control throughout the day. It also includes one of my favorites - a powerful, detoxifying and delicious snack that's easy to make. Although I recommend exercise for everyone, it's optional on the basic plan. The Enhanced Plan Next up is the enhanced plan. This plan will help you take the UltraSimple Challenge to the next level and magnify the benefits of the entire program. If you are REALLY serious about losing weight and regaining your health, the enhanced program is for you. In fact, I plan on following the enhanced plan myself when I join you in this challenge and I encourage you to do the same. The enhanced plan includes a special set of supplements to enhance detoxification and boost your metabolism, enhanced stress reduction and relaxation techniques and a way to exercise to help you burn fat in less time. The Preparation Week Finally, this first DVD will walk you through the critically important preparation week that occurs immediately before the 7-day Challenge. If you truly want to transform your life, you need to spend the first few days preparing for the challenge. That means gathering the foods, supplies, and resources you need; and, perhaps most importantly, eliminating the 3 most toxic substances from your diet that are making you sick and overweight. This preparation week is important for another reason ... When you clean up your diet and eliminate the toxic substances that have been holding you back from optimal weight and health, you may also experience a few withdrawal symptoms. Believe it or not, these symptoms are actually a GOOD thing as they are a sign your body is detoxifying and your inflammation is cooling down. Over the years, I've discovered a few simple preventative measure that you can take during this preparation week to minimize any withdrawal symptoms you may experience during the main program, and you will discover all of them on this first DVD. The second DVD is loaded with 3 powerful sections to help you become thinner, happier, and healthier. Daily Motivational Videos For each day of the 7-day program I've recorded a special motivational video that will provide you with a special tip or technique to get the most out of the program. Watching these daily videos while you are actually on the program will be a powerful tool to help you get on track, especially during those first couple of days when the temptation to quit may be the strongest. How to Transition off the Program Second, regardless of how long you plan to stay on the program, at some point most of you will want to transition off. When you do, you have to follow a special protocol. You can't just go back to your old bad habits. The reason for this is simple: if you add back the foods that you discovered you were allergic to, you'll be right back at square one and could put your progress in jeopardy. Not to mention you will likely feel TERRIBLE if you go back to your old way of eating and living. The single biggest gift you can give yourself from this program is identifying which foods you are allergic to. And to help you do that, I've recorded a special segment that explains precisely how to reintegrate foods so you can test them and determine whether or not they are causing your health problems. How to Make the Changes Permanent Third, perhaps the single biggest question that I get about the UltraSimple Challenge is whether the dramatic changes that people experience during these 7 days can be made permanent. Well, the answer is YES, and I've included a special bonus track that walks you through how to keep the weight OFF and your health ON for good. You will not have to remain on the UltraSimple Challenge program for your entire life, but you will need to make some changes permanent. For example, if you discover that you are allergic to gluten, you may want to remain off of that for life. The biggest gift that I can give you is the know-how to modify your lifestyle after the challenge is over to ensure you are alert, happy and healthy for the rest of your life. Part II: 7-Day Action Plan Guide The next component in the UltraSimple Challenge, is the 7-day action plan guide. This is really where the rubber meets the road. This is probably the single most important component to this program as it includes all of the steps, information, tips, strategies, techniques and more in a very specific, very clear, very easy to understand step-by-step format. This one component of the program is what our previous participants said was the most helpful to them. If you lead a busy life as I do with tremendous commitments to work, family and other things, this will probably be your favorite component-think of it as your playbook for health. Here's what you'll find in this play book:
  • Toxicity and Inflammation Quiz - While on this program, many of you will wake up feeling much better and likely will be able to see the results in the mirror. But, since I want you to understand that the MOST important changes are happening under the hood, I've included a special quiz that you will take before and after the program that will illustrate the changes you are experiencing. It will show you preciselyhow much less toxic and inflamed you've become while on the program.
  • Daily Checklists - We've gone to tremendous lengths to make this program as easy to follow as possible. I've included a detailed set of checklists of the things that you are supposed to do, covering everything from what to eat and when, what supplements to take and when, when to do your exercises, journaling, and how to manage other activities included in the program.
  • Daily Menu Plans - One major new feature of the upgraded program is a delicious 7-day meal plan designed to make sticking to the program UltraSimple. The nourishing meals in here have been designed by a professional nutritionist to allow you to automatically follow all of the nutritional guidelines of the program. These meals include unprocessed, real, natural whole foods that provide you with the raw materials to achieve optimal health and weight.
  • Shopping Lists - Shopping for groceries in the modern age can sometimes be confusing, especially when you are shopping for only unprocessed, real, whole foods, which many of us are not used to. So to help with that, we've included a detailed, itemized shopping list that you can simply carry with you to the store.
  • Supplement Checklists - While eating correctly is the most powerful component of the UltraSimple Challenge, it falls short of providing your body with ALL of the nourishment it needs, which is why I advise everyone to be on an essential supplement program to help promote health on an ongoing basis. But since so many supplements are of inferior quality, I've included specific instructions on how to select only the most effective supplements.
  • Food Log - Food allergies are one of the main culprits behind conditions like arthritis, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, sinus problems, hormonal disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irritable bowel, reflux, colitis, depression and anxiety. One of the most powerful parts of this program has to do with pinpointing EXACTLY what foods you are allergic to. And to do that requires that you track how your mind and body react to what you are eating. To make that easy I've included a very simple food log that allows you to connect how you feel with what you are eating.
  • Exercise Tips - If exercise could be put in a pill, it would be the biggest blockbuster medication of all time. It helps reduce central body fat and improves sugar metabolism. But many of you probably either hate exercise or are sick or sedentary enough so that it can be a challenge. To help with that, we've included a very simple set of optional exercises that take no more than 30 minutes a day, including a very simple technique used by Olympic athletes to help lose more weight by exercising less- sometimes in as little as 21 minutes a day.
  • Relaxation Tips - Did you know that stress makes you fat and relaxing makes you thin? Stress plays a dramatic role in blood sugar imbalance. Stress triggers insulin resistance, promotes weight gain around the middle, increases inflammation, and may ultimately lead to chronic illness. To combat that, I've included a variety of relaxation techniques that you can use, one of which many in the last Challenge reported as their single most favorite aspect of the entire program.
Part III: Special Members-Only Website In addition to the new video coaching DVDs and the 7-step Action Plan Guide, we've added a very powerful online component to make the entire program even easier. This is a special members-only website with tools to help you get the most out of the program. Here's what's included:
  • Daily Email Reminders - Because we all lead busy lives, you'll receive a daily email reminding you exactly what you are supposed to do and when to help keep you on track and motivated.
  • Online Version of the Daily Videos - In case you are at work or can't access the DVDs for any reason, you'll also have access to online versions of the daily motivational and instructional videos to help you get the most out of the program.
  • Online Quiz - We've created a special online version of the toxicity and inflammation quiz that automatically saves your results for you AND automatically recommends whether you should go on the Basic or Enhanced version of the program.
  • Online Community - Staying connected with others will be a very important element of support as you go through this program, so we've added a community element to this through a set of message boards where you'll be able to connect with each other to share tips and techniques, ask questions, and more.
Part IV: Access to Professional Nutritionists The final, and perhaps MOST important aspect of our newly upgraded UltraSimple Challenge, is that we've now included unlimited and free online access to three of my professionally trained nutritionists. This will be tremendously helpful to those of you who may not know how to eat healthy, cook healthy, prepare your foods or find out what foods you are allergic to. If you are confused about any nutritional aspect about the Challenge or want non-medical advice about your own situation, our team of 3 professionally trained and certified nutritionists will answer your questions within 1 business day. It normally costs about $100 per hour for a session with a nutritionist with this level of experience, but this is all bundled into the program. I was really excited when we were able to add this feature because I know that, while the results of the program are already phenomenal, we could do even better by adding this personalized help. We are careful to keep all of your questions and the nutritionist answers are kept 100% confidential through our secure online portal that was specially designed to provide the quickest and most secure support possible. Only you and the nutritionist will have access to the private Q&A between the two of you. An Important Note Before You Sign Up... Before you sign up I want to make sure that you understand exactly what the timeline is. We have a very precise schedule to stick to, so let me briefly review that with you first. Enrollment is open until Midnight, Monday, October 3rd. After that we will no longer be able to accept any new enrollments as there won't be enough time to make the necessary preparations to join us. Remember that we are limiting enrollments to the first 1,000 people to ensure that our professional nutritionists can support everyone properly ... Half of those slots have been taken. So enroll now. Once you've completed your enrollment, you'll then be shipped your welcome package, which contains your 2 DVDs and 7-Day Action Plan Guide. You'll have about a week and a half to watch the videos, review the action plan guide and get everything in order. Then you'll begin the preparation period on Friday, October 14, which will last for a week. Remember, this preparation week is EXTREMELY important as it will help to minimize any withdrawal symptoms you may have during the main program. If this scares you, it shouldn't. In fact, if you feel slightly off in the first 1-2 days, that means that you know the program is working as your body is getting rid of the bad stuff. Once the preparation week is over, the 7-day main program begins and lasts from Friday, October 21st to Thursday, October 27th. During this week your mind, body and soul will likely go through a radical transformation for the better. But more importantly, you'll be learning the habits that will keep you happy, healthy and trim for the rest of your life. This 7-day program accelerates what it takes many a LIFETIME to experience into a single week. Now, I can't promise that this program will be a magical cure all or will eliminate all of your troubles, but I CAN promise you that once you are done with this, you'll look and feel like a brand new person. Remember that due to the strict timelines in this program, enrollment ends on Midnight, October 3rd. I hope you are one of the 1,000 who are going to join me as we prepare for the holiday season. The time of the fad diet, the magic supplement or the quick-fix workout routine is over. I think all of us now know at some level that the ONLY way to truly make progress is to fix the things that are actually broken, not to kick the can down the road anymore by papering over symptoms. Remember, what makes you sick, makes you fat; and what makes you fat, makes you sick. You must address the real reasons why you are sick and overweight if you expect to get better. This program that I have built over the last 15+ years of practicing medicine, refining my techniques, and finding out what works and what doesn't, addresses the two main underlying reasons why so many of us are sick, fat, depressed and tired. My hope for all of you is not weight loss-that's just a nice side effect. My real hope for you is to experience what it feels like to enjoy everything that life has to offer, to experience a state of vibrant health, happiness and joy that is only possible once you've put your body back in balance. Instead of being addicted to sugar and fat, my hope is that you become addicted to feeling well. And I know that once you get a taste of that in only 7 days, you'll never look back and will be able to make the changes stick for good. I look forward to seeing you in the Challenge, please secure your spot now. To your good health, Mark Hyman, M.D. P.S. Whether it's increased energy levels, clearer thinking, smoother skin, easier breathing, sounder sleeping, a more balanced mood, a trimmer waistline, or less joint pain, chronic digestive or sinus problems, my hope is that the comprehensive nature of this program will allow you to replicate some of the amazing things that I have personally seen at my medical practice in your own home for only a fraction of the price. So please join me along with 999 others who will be enjoying this program. But before you do, please make sure that you can meet ALL of the commitments that I have outlined above. Only those of you who are serious about making changes that stick once and for all should join us.

Price: $199

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