Maybe It’s You

I get in my own way. Chances are, unless you are an enlightened master, you also have blind spots, areas of your life that just don’t work—relationships, work situations, your health, finances, your family, etc. How do you deal with them?

If you are like me, you can spot them most of the time but not always! And you find yourself stuck in the same situation over and over again, creating upset and unhappiness. It could be your way of thinking that gets you into trouble, or past traumas and stress, or childhood patterns. Whatever it is, you have two choices. Live with it and continue to be unhappy or take a good serious look at yourself in the mirror and affect some change.

You might think you are too old to find love or not smart enough to land your dream job. Or maybe you think you don’t have enough willpower to get healthy. Does any of this sound familiar? We all go through it.

I used to listen to everything my mind said, and for the most part, my mind has served me well.

But often, my mind plays tricks on me telling – me that I’m not good enough or making excuses for me. For a long time, I told myself that marriage made people unhappy and that I was not capable of creating a happy marriage. Then, I met my coach, Lauren Zander, and she helped me transform my views on love, relationships and marriage; and once I changed my outlook, I found someone…and I actually just got married last week!

This is just one example of how my coach has helped me transform my life. Lauren is a spiritual, emotional, transformational human who sees how people are wired and how their minds get in their own way. She’s the founder of Handel Group Life Coaching and she’s coached thousands of people including actors, musicians, artists and she’s lectured at MIT and Stanford and just wrote a book that puts 20 years of coaching into practical steps that anyone can follow today. It’s called Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

The principles in this book have healed my relationships and taken my personal goals to the next level.

You might be thinking maybe it IS you. What does that even mean? Well, the good news is that this book dives deep into the idea that sometimes it is easy for us to put the blame for our less-than-perfect lives on everyone and everything else. The most powerful thing we can actually do in this situation is to stop and say to ourselves, “Maybe it’s me.”

When we take responsibility for our lives, we have the ability to transform. “Maybe it’s me” might be a hard pill to swallow at first, but it is the quickest road to saying, “Hey, I got myself in this mess, and maybe I can get myself out of this mess.”

Maybe It’s You, breaks down your life into 12 areas (fun and adventure, love, career, money, body, health, spirituality and more) and allows you to assess what is going well and what areas can be improved. Each section contains exercises that help you to fleshing out your vision for your life. You also get the opportunity to address your beliefs and limiting thoughts. Lauren even takes you through real experiences using her personal clients as examples to show you just how powerful her methods can be.

What are you telling yourself about your life? The power of inner dialogue is greater than you think, and in order to design the life you want, you need to learn to speak to yourself with the voice of your vision instead of the voice of the critic and the liar. This is exactly what Lauren aims to do with her new book.

If you want to get to the root of why your life doesn’t rock, or where you feel stuck, or where you are not telling the truth (to yourself or others), then this book is your roadmap to happiness. More importantly, it’s your road map to your own mind, heart and soul.

Everyone has a dream, regardless of their circumstances. What is getting in the way of yours?

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, head over to Maybe It’s You and if you pre-order the book, Lauren is offering 50% off Handel’s Inner.U digital coaching course. If you’re looking for more resources or maybe you want to work with a coach, visit the Handel Group website and explore your options.

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