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One thing you should do every day

One thing you should do every day

Meditating, or “napitating” as I like to call it, has changed my life.

I have a million responsibilities every day, like multiple jobs and companies to run, a wife, kids, friends, travel, and plenty of patients I want to show up for. It can all seem really overwhelming at times. That was until I started meditating regularly.

Before becoming a doctor, I studied Buddhism, so decades ago I had learned to embrace the power of meditation. But when I entered medical school and found myself on call for long shifts and working crazy hours, it slipped out of my rotation. My health, happiness, productivity, and relationships suffered. Now I realize, we need meditation during those hard times more than ever.

I was lucky enough to meet my good friend Emily Fletcher several years ago and convince her to be my personal meditation teacher. Her approachable style is realistic and geared towards improving performance in all areas of life, without making you feel like you need to become a monk to be successful. Once I started meditating again I quickly realized what I had been missing—I am more energized, focused, present, and happy when I meditate regularly and my life really just flows in a smoother state.

Emily combines the concepts of mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting to create the Ziva Technique, which she now teaches to thousands through her online programs. She also just released her first book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, to make meditation even more accessible to the masses.

If you missed this week’s Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast episode, Emily joined me to discuss the amazing results meditation can produce and talk about the science behind its benefits. From immune support to better sleep and even better sex, meditation affects the body on a cellular level and helps to clear the massive amount of stress we’re up against each day.

Throughout our conversation, Emily shares inspiring stories and tips that will have you ready to start your own practice right away. She gets it, we’re all busy, but by setting aside just 2% of our time each day we can function at a higher level the other 98% of the time. Why wouldn’t we do that?

I know you’ll love this episode, I hope you’ll tune in.

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