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Relax and Be Still

Relax and Be Still

As we journey, I am realizing this truly is SO much more than what we are eating. It is truly about taking care of our whole beings. It is why Dr. Hyman recommends the detox baths, journaling and media fasts to name only a few stress busters. As a Mom, nurturing myself is a new thing because I am the nurturer of others. I’m learning that in order to be the best I can be, it is critical to take time for me and be nurtured.

For me, before detoxing, life would get in the way. Stress would creep in, and the next thing I knew I would be reaching for a juicy cheeseburger. Even with this amazing program, life isn’t always rainbows and hearts. It is perfectly normal to have my struggles dealing with stress. It’s knowing how to deal with that stress that is the key to my success.

Thanks to Dr. Hyman and his nutritionist, Lizzy, I now have the help of a wonderful relaxation specialist – Heidi Spear. Heidi is coaching me on how to take care of my inner person. I am learning to truly relax and meditate. When I meditate, I can pray, I can focus on breathing, I can let my thoughts pass, and I can let the noise of our crazy house just be. There is no judgment. It is MY time to just be still.

The other major skill I have learned is belly breathing. I started practicing this two times a day. You place your hand above your belly button and inhale pushing your tummy out. Then when you exhale you push your belly back towards your spine. Do this slowly, counting back from 10 in your mind and focus on just this one thing. It is impossible to be stressed and feel anxiety after doing this. It is an easy, beautiful and free way to treat yourself – and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Trust me, it is a thousand percent more satisfying than any cheeseburger!!

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