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Satisfying Water

True confession time: I lived for diet soda. My entire family loved anything but water - diet and regular sodas, drink mixes, coffee, shakes - anything but water, is what filled our cups. As Day 1 came to a close, we were all feeling the withdrawal symptoms - headaches, shakes, pain, dips in energy at certain times of the day. It took a few days, and lots of tricks to get through this, but I can honestly say we feel better, not to mention we are saving a TON of money not buying sodas. We realized that we spent a lot of money on what we now have for very little, just by using our fridge filtration system. It is so satisfying, knowing that we are not bound by the chains of corporate America anymore!

We now love adding all sorts of cool, NATURAL stuff to our water. Berries, lemon, lime - even mint and spearmint are all delicious. Mason jars work great for this and they store well in the fridge. We find that if you add lemon or lime to the water, it helps break down the fruit. We are having fun experimenting. (watch the video!) We are also planning a water flavor contest, in our family. We like a friendly challenge, so this will be fun and should be delicious too.

Thirst has returned for all of us. There is nothing better than drinking ice cold water, after doing farm chores, or just after being out in the hot Florida sun.

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