Sleep Heals

Sleep Heals

Sleep impacts every part of your health. That’s why we feel our best when we’re well rested, and why we may suffer from mood swings, blood sugar imbalances, poor memory, and everything in between if we’re not getting enough.

Most people in a health crisis find themselves faced with a decision—to become responsible and active in their own well-being, or continue looking solely at others to “fix” them. My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Shawn Stevenson, went with the former, changing his own life (and many others) for the better.

Shawn realized three major aspects of his life—diet, movement, and sleep—were vital stepping stones to the healing process. This led him to a passionate career of helping others discover optimal health, with a special focus on the importance of a good night’s rest.

In this episode, Shawn articulately explains the mechanisms that link sleep to the whole body, including hormones, lean body mass, and even the microbiome. That’s right, you might be surprised to learn that sleep is correlated with your gut bacteria! He also talks about helpful sleep nutrients and how to dial in your diet to support a balanced circadian rhythm.

We also get into the subject of sex. Your bedroom environment could be negatively impacting your sleep and your sex life, and your sex life can influence the quality of your sleep.

Plus, Shawn sheds light on the use of melatonin and shares his very own protocol for a cortisol reset, so you can start working on a better sleep routine right away. Shawn and I dig into this and so much more, on this episode. Be sure to tune in.

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