The Hygiene Product I Recommend

We wash our dishes with water, we clean our cars with water, and we clean our body with water. Water cleans better than dry paper, so why is it that after we poop, the first thing we reach for is dry, harsh toilet paper?

In most countries around the world, bidets are a staple in households and public establishments. For some reason, the US still has yet to embrace the bidet, mostly due to common misconceptions, outdated philosophies, and big toilet paper companies. That is why my good friend, Miki Agrawal, author of Disrupt-Her and Do Cool Shit, decided to disrupt the culture around cleaning your butt in America by introducing the TUSHY bidet, a modern bidet attachment that easily clips on to your existing toilet.

Health and Hygiene Benefits

You might be wondering how a bidet could tie into health and wellness, and I have several good answers for you. When you use toilet paper, you’re leaving a residue of stool and bacteria, no matter how much you wipe. This bacteria can spread and cause infection, not to mention it can irritate some of the most sensitive skin on your body. Toilet paper just falls short when it comes to cleaning ourselves efficiently and effectively. And for women, toilet paper can perpetuate bladder and yeast infections when used incorrectly or insufficiently.

It’s also worth noting that excessive wiping can irritate and cause complications with hemorrhoids. The likelihood of these problems increases with the use of wet wipes. Wet wipes actually tend to strip away the natural oils from your skin, creating anal fissures, a small tear in the thin, mucosal tissue that lines the anus and serves an important role in helping us properly—and comfortably—eliminate.

Medical Benefits

Skin care is very important for incontinent patients and those who suffer from IBS and forms of Crohn’s and colitis diseases; however, cleaning with toilet paper or soap can dry and irritate anal tissue, which just makes matters worse. The TUSHY bidet allows multiple cleanings without the increased skin abrasion and irritation caused by other methods like toilet paper and wipes.

Benefits for Women

Many of my female patients complain of uncomfortable symptoms during menstruation, like constipation, yeast infections, and urethral irritation. The TUSHY bidet can help alleviate these issues. It is also particularly helpful during and after pregnancy to help soothe anal irritation, hemorrhoids, and general discomfort or it can be used to cleanse post-intercourse, which can help reduce the risk of problems like urinary tract infections.

Environmental and Financial Benefits

There is also the environmental impact of using a bidet, which you know I am on board with because you save trees that are killed for pulp production of toilet paper. Plus, you save money—you’ll end up buying 80% less toilet paper; use just a few squares to pat dry.

The TUSHY bidet is literally for everyone who poops. It provides a stream of water that is powerful enough to wash away bowel movements but still gentle enough to leave you feeling refreshed. You can change the pressure to your liking based on what you need and adjust the angle at which the water hits. On the TUSHY Spa model, you can control the temperature of the water. At only $69, the TUSHY bidet provides a lifestyle upgrade at an affordable price. It took me just a few minutes to install, no plumber required.

TUSHY will give you a glimpse of what the rest of the world already knows, we don’t need toilet paper for a healthy and clean behind! Once you try it I know you’ll be convinced.

You can hear more and receive a 10% discount plus free shipping by clicking here. I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing offer and give your most sensitive skin the care it deserves.

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