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The Present of Presence

The Present of Presence

This holiday season, I encourage you to find presence. Consciousness of living in the moment will not only let you more fully enjoy your time with loved ones, but it’s also the greatest present you can give them.

It will let you take in your downtime, too—resting, regrouping, and relaxing into a slower pace as we embrace a time of year for peace and reflection. A digital detox can be a wonderful way to promote more presence and calming energy during this hectic season. Make a pact with your friends and family to make the holidays a digital-free zone. Ditch the laptops, smartphones, and even the smartwatches that keep you plugged in day and night so you can all be present together. My wife and I have a box that we put our phones into so that we can give each other meaningful, uninterrupted attention.

Whatever you do this holiday season, do it with awareness. Eat the delicious food, soak up the special time with people you love, be grateful, and let yourself rest and rejoice—all from a place of mindfulness.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season,
Mark Hyman, MD

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